How Well Service Grants Pass Experts Can Improve Your Well Pump Efficiency


As a well pump owner, you know full well that it can be challenging to keep your pump running smoothly. Furthermore, you want to save energy so it may have less of an impact on your wallet. To ensure this is happening, you need the input of Well Service Grants Pass specialists. They can come right over and inspect the condition of your well pump to determine its efficiency. You can also find more information on industrial well service in Grants Pass as well as how much does a well pump cost.

Be Sure to Inspect Your Well Pump Every Six Months

If you refrained from setting up an appointment with your well service professional in Grants Pass, you might find that your water well system is not functioning correctly. Your well service experts would carry out an Ohms test to establish the lifespan of your system. They will also measure the amps on the wiring so that no excess energy will be spent. Finally, they would check the wiring so there is not a chance of it corroding.

Ensure Your Water Well System is Bug-Free and Clean

Many a well pump owner is fully aware of the trouble small bugs and ants can cause to their system. Bugs and ants will eat away at the copper wiring, which will ultimately result in a higher electric bill at month-end.

Some things can be done to help prevent your costly well water system from failing due to bugs. All you have to on a monthly basis is to inspect the loose wiring, check for leaks, or insects.

What you can also do it to add a few moth balls inside the pressure switch, so it may prevent any unwanted critters from nesting there. One can also lube the base of your pressure switch, so the base remains slippery.

The Air Charge In The Tank Should Be Set to the Right Pressure

To ensure maximum efficiency, you require an air bladder in the tank. Once you notice the well pump pumping for more than a minute, it might be a sign that pressure is not quite right.

Be sure to set the water bladder just below the current pressure of the water well system. For instance, if you have a 40 PSI system, your air bladder needs to be set at roughly 18 PSI. This would ensure the pump is only switching on when it has to, so your system can run at optimal efficiency. Make use of a regular tire pressure gauge to monitor the tank pressure.

Invest in a Well Pump that is Powerful and Efficient

At Siskiyou Pump Service, they only install the best well pumps for your residence. One of these is the Franklin Electric pumping systems that are world class systems in that they provide top quality, service, availability, and value for money. Furthermore, they are backed by unsurpassed expertise and ideally suited to various pumping system applications.

Some of the features you can look forward to when acquiring a Franklin Electric well water pump are as follow:

  • Discharge head and stainless steel motor adaptor.
  • Noryl diffusers, polycarbonate impellers, and stainless steel bowls.
  • The design incorporates built-in upthrust protection
  • To help protect your well water pump against the water hammer, it features a built-in check valve.

Other pump protection features need to be considered to help safeguard your investment, such as the prevention of spikes and surges. For the purpose of convenience and safety, you need to bear in mind that it’s best to have your power switch near your well water pump. This is so you can reach it quickly enough to the power of your pump in the event of an emergency.

You can preserve a lot of space by making use of a smaller tank. Because there will be no drop in pressure, the tank can be small. If you have an older installation, then you can use the existing tank, irrespective of the size. You will still experience the benefits of constant and continued force. What all this means is that your well water pumps offer the same advantages of city access.