Ohanaeze Secretary General, Saint Bossman Drops Video From His Unity Song – Godbless Nigeria

Saint Boss finally drops his Unity song in style. He gave a dedication speech during a world press conference. See below…. Video also below:
Song Dedication Speech
By Prince Erondu Uche
The President of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Ondo state, Chief, Sir, Barr.Chuks Ezechiefoh, His Royal
Highness Igwe Gregory Iloehika, Eze Igbo 1 of Ondo state and deputy chairman of Eze Ndigbo
in Diaspora (worldwide), His lordship, Bishop Mathew Nkumah the Founder/General overseer of
Christ Champions Assembly, National Association of Political science students(NAPSS), the
Press, distinguished ladies and gentlemen, good day.
Welcome to the official dedication of the song titled “GOD BLESS NIGERIA”. A unity
song composed and produced by Prince Erondu Uche, the Secretary General of Ohanaeze
Ndigbo Ondo state chapter to foster love, peace and unity among Nigerians.
Nigeria, our nation currently is faced with a lot of challenges, which includes insecurity,
agitations, corruption, poverty, marginalization among others. Therefore, patriotism is expected
of every citizen.
This relevant song which is an inspiration from God was produced in 2014 and is
meant to unite Nigeria as one. I therefore dedicate this song “GOD BLESS NIGERIA” to the
Federal Republic of Nigeria today November 1st 2017. All radio and Television stations have the
authority to use this song.
As I said earlier, we must all make sacrifices in order to move this nation forward,
starting from the leaders to the led. Our leaders should be transparent and dedicated enough in
order to earn our trust. There should be no “sacred cows” in the fight against corruption. There
should be respect for the rule of law by all. Henceforth, the violation of our peoples’ human right
under any guise should stop. It is expedient to note that the current brouhaha threatening the
unity of the nation is as a result of poor management of the country. The administration of
President Buhari should ensure that only the services of competent people are employed
without nepotism.
I wish to use this opportunity to tell the presidency to investigate the sudden
disappearance of Nnamdi Kanu after the military staged “operation python dance” in his
compound, Afaraukwu Umuahia Abia state. It is true that Ohanaeze does not support his
agitation but the fact remains that he is an Igbo man and our son. Those that said that they
know his whereabouts should assist in the investigation.
Lastly, the Presidency should take the issue of restructuring more serious than it is
being handled currently. The course of restructuring should exclusively be championed by Mr
President, not APC.
Building the Nigeria of our dream is a collective effort because
 Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress and working
together is success.
 None of us is as smart as all of us
 The first restructuring we need is a restructuring of our minds
 We are not fantastically corrupt. It is just that the black dot on a white paper is
always so conspicuous.
 Nigeria is good because you are.
I therefore urge all Nigerians at home and abroad to join hands together to build a nation we
shall all be proud of.
Long live Ohanaeze Ndigbo! Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!
Prince Erondu Uche.
The Secretary general of Ohanaeze Ndigbo
Ondo state Chapter