Sunday, 22 October 2017

‘How I was saved from a train accident that killed 600 people and injured 700 in Cameroon’ – Lady shares shocking testimony (Photos)

A forum user, Shinar Laura,  shared a testimony of how she was saved from a train accident that killed 600 people and injured 700 in Cameroon.
Recall, 22nd of 2016, Cameroon got hit with one of the biggest tragedies of 2016 after an overloaded passenger train travelling between Cameroon’s two largest cities derailed and overturned, killing over 600 and injuring 700 people.
Shinar Laura who was a passenger on the train shared a testimony on how she mysteriously survived;
By 1:00 pm GMT in Cameroon, our Nation was thrown into mourning. It’s been a year since it happened, and I will be so ungrateful to HIM that saved me if I don’t share this testimony. It didn’t happen in Nigeria, It happened in Cameroon. The media didn’t tell the full story of the number of people that died, but you can catch a glimpse ,
As I entered the Train, I thought it would be one of those smooth rides to my destination, I never knew that the smile of the person that sat beside me would be his last  .
At some point in the journey, we felt a foul smell. At another point, we could perceive smoke and it became thick gradually. We in the middle coach never knew that several coaches in front had fallen and people were already dead.
When it finally got to our coach, it began wobbling. People were flying off the window into a deep valley. I held onto the iron of the seat before me. Whatever made me not to fly off the window is still what I don’t know.
About 600 people dead, More than 700 Injured. But yet I came out unscratched.
Should I call this a Miracle or what?
You can call this a testimony or one-year anniversary of life after the accident, or any other name, I just want to say that I am alive and may God give those who lost their loved ones the fortitude to bear their loss.
RIP to all faithful souls departed. Amen.
Please pardon my grammar. Je suis juste une fille francophone (I am just a french girl)

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