How Kenyan TV presenter became national hero after saving physically disabled beggar from swarm of deadly bees

A TV presenter has been hailed a hero after pulling a disabled beggar to safety after he was enveloped in a swarm of bees when it launched an attack outside the Supreme Court in Kenya.
Inside, judges were safely delivering the full judgement of last month’s annulled presidential election polls, while a large crowd of government and anti-government supporters gathered outside.
It is believed that either a protester brought a bee hive in a can and unleashed it or another demonstrator disturbed a bee hive that was attached to a lamp post by shaking it violently.
Thousands of angry bees descended on hundreds of people, who ran for cover desperately waving their arms or jackets or newspapers round their bare heads.
Footage shows people being attacked including protesters, reporters, soldiers and armed police fleeing for cover.
There was shouts and shrieks as the bees repeatedly stung their victims then horror as the swarm descended on a disabled boy in a wheelchair who was unable to run away.
As they stung him repeatedly he screamed in terror and it seemed his fate was sealed under a heaving mass of bees who sting so violently they can see off elephants.
In desperation the street boy known only as Amos threw himself out the wheelchair onto the ground but there was no escape as the swarm gathered over him a second time.
But then KBC TV anchor Victor Muyakane rushed into action and ran over to the boy and grabbed him under the arms and lifted him up and ran with him to try and find safety, SunUk reports.
He was stung repeatedly as bees swarmed over him but fought off the agonising pain to try and save the life of the beggar and carried him towards ambulances in the distance.
Others came to help him and finally a medic swathed head to toe in black clothing was able to get to him and with others throwing buckets of water drove off the bee swarm.
After saving the boys life he described to Citizen TV his “fight or flight” moment saying everything inside him urged him to run away but he could not leave the disabled boy.
He said:”I just saw this swarm of bees. I saw hundreds of them around him.
“His face and head, they were all over him. His upper torso was just bees and he looked like he had a helmet on his head made out of a live swarm of bees.
“At first there was an unearthly silence and everyone was running and then I heard his screams full of agony and anguish. I will never forget them. I had to help.
“I was trying to calm him down but if you opened your mouth you spit out bees. His tongue was swollen and there were bees in his mouth and my heart was pounding.
“I was thinking can I get him to safety and there were bees all over my face. The pain was being turned up like volume 5,6,7,8 until it was so much there was no more pain.
“I got him away and to another person and went back for his wheelchair” he said.
They put the badly stung teenager who lives on the streets and who is disabled from the waist down into an ambulance and rushed him to nearby Kenyatta National Hospital.
He was given treatment for 50 to 60 stings and later discharged and now brave Victor is hoping to track Amos down on the streets of Nairobi to try and offer him more help.
The videos show chaotic scenes outside the court as everyone flees the swarming bees.
The country’s Supreme Court had been in session explaining why they annulled President Uhuru Kenyatta’s victory in the August 8 elections.
A fresh election is set for October 18.