Ace broadcaster Emmanuel Ugolee needs N15millon Urgently

Many of you may know how hard and long ace broadcaster, Emmanuel Ugolee has fought to save his life from end stage chronic kidney disease. 
Many of you may also recall his message of gratitude to you for the contributions, well wishes and prayers you offered as he travelled to the United States for his surgery.
While Emmanuel Ugolee and his donor are being thoroughly evaluated for the kidney transplant, the cost for his surgery currently stands at $180,000 .
This figure which is verifiable from the University of Maryland medical centre in Baltimore is independent of the cost of the mandatory three time weekly dialysis which he must have. 
The medical centre confirms that this out patient dialysis is not part of the transplant cost package. 
Dialysis cost about $700 (N259,000) per session for all kidney disease patients in America who do not have insurance which can only be gotten after obtaining a social security number as a green card holder or citizen of the United States, both of which Mr Ugolee is not.
Receiving discount from any state or federal charity institutions, Medicare/Obamacare would automatically jeopardize the visa status of any undocumented immigrant doing so.
This has led to Emma Ugolee cutting down on the number of sessions he has weekly as he counts down to the resolution of his work up issues,  his donors evaluation and then the eventual transplant. 
Emmanuel is currently in talks with a private doctor who is considering an incredible 50% slash specially for him to $350 as a rare consent. 
These developments, however have necessitated a second phase for fund raising to save the life of Mr Ugolee.
An estimated $40,000 (N15m) is required to make up what Mr Ugolee has. 
LIB is seizing this medium to appeal to all well meaning Nigerians to please come to his aid with whatever heartfelt contributions you may have. 
The urgency in this need is seen clearly in the deteriorating health condition of Mr Ugolee. 
Donations should please be made to 
Emmanuel Ugolee
Zenith Bank
Or ..... For those living outside Nigeria. 
May God bless you as you help save this treasured life of the Nigerian entertainment industry. We would hate to loose him.