Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Single Mum Of 3 Collects N1.2m For Sex From Married Lover As Wife Asks For A Refund

A certain Linda and her secret married lover, Simon are currently involved in a fierce battle after she allegedly collected  N1.2m from him for rounds of sex and insisted that he must marry her as second wife.The incident which happened at an hotel in Ikotun saw Linda, who is a single mother of three ordering that Simon take her and her kids home to his wife, else she tells his wife what transpired between them.
Not stopping there, Linda gave Simon a time frame adding that if he doesn't do as she wished she would reveal his extramarital affairs to his wife.

Simon who was a successful businessman, married with 5 kids, had met Linda who resided in Egbeda, started an affair before she began to blackmail him.
In order to keep his marriage,  Simon reportedly paid her the N1.2m but Linda was not satisfied with that. She insisted that the money was for her sex services, and so he needed to fulfill the second aspect of her demand.

Tired with the demands, Simon finally confessed to his wife who readily forgave him. She then called Linda and told her she could come in as a second wife if that is what she wants. Linda however turned down the offer.

 Simon’s wife reportedly drove to Linda’s house to bring her home but she refused saying she was no longer interested in the marrying Simon.

The wife insisted that she must come and join them otherwise she will have to refund the money she obtained from her husband for sex services because as his wife she had not collected such money from him for sex.

It was learnt that the matter has been reported to the Police at Idimu and Linda was said to have gone into hiding to evade arrest for the alleged fraud.

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