Our Shepard By Glory Ada

Last week, the government declared that everyone living in my town should evacuate , as a killer escaped from the town's prison. By Monday, everyone had ran off to stick a while with distant relatives, everyone except us. 
You see, father is a pastor in one of the local churches , mother is a prophetess in the same church, me, well, I am an ordinary member who cares less about religion, but, because I am an only child, I have to act all spiritual and this is a case of my 'spirit filled' act.  Simply because father is a pastor, he acts in faith.  Father said we are not moving, he said, "the lord is our Shepherd, we can never want", that line,
is our home anthem.
Yesterday, we were still home listening to father recite "The lord is our Shepherd", until late at night...There was a heavy knock on our door, nobody visits at night, so we all became afraid, it got worse when the knock sounded heavy and urgent, Father jumped out of bed ....
"The lord is my Shepherd, I can never want", he carried his bible and waved it in the air . I could tell father thought it was the runaway killer.
"Father, what if 'the lord' is tired of shepherding us? What if the Lord has better things to do?" I said in a whisper, the killer dared not hear us.
"The Lord loves us Amara, he is our Shepherd" mother stood by father, waving hands in the air.
If I were the lord, I would neglect father, I would.
"Amara, the lord is bigger than killers, they can kill the flesh and not the soul" Father waved the bible in my face.

"Open this door" The knock came rapidly again.
"Father, let's open the door, they can't harm our soul na" I said with sarcasm.
"The lord will care for us , we have to hide, hide from this killer, the lord cannot restore our life and I cannot go to heaven now! " Father said, mother nodded, already picking some things and placing in a bag.
Father put his phone in mother's bag, he grabbed my hand and together we walked tip-toed to the backyard window, our only escape route.
"Open this door, the police!" The knock came again!
"The lord is our Shepherd, he is keeping us Amara, he brought the police"Father jumped in joy , ran back towards the front door , danced  and spoke in unknown tongues.
I began to hate father that very minute, even when the police asked why we refused to evacuate the area ,father said  that the lord had told him to wait for the police , they would deliver us.
Father is a liar, he lies about the lord, I am sure that the lord will never forgive his stupidity. 

Written by Duruem Gory Ada