Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Molestation By Glory Ada

Sorrow comes in all shades, likewise happiness. My sorrow came as a woman, we call her "aunty Chichi". When I was 10, aunty Chichi raped me for the very first time, you see, I always get to see rape stories of women, I hardly see one of men , but, this is mine, this is the story of all shades of my sorrow.
     I turned ten , twelve years back , twelve years and the effect of my rape hasn't worn off.  I remember that day like it was last night. Papa and mama went to church, I stayed in aunty Chichi's house . At night, she began to touch me, I was old enough to know 'bad', I pulled back , she stood up, pulled me close, she began to pull of my clothes , I struggled and she hit me, it was like in a fierce battle.
"Shut up, you little rat, I'm trying to teach you about life and love", she whispered in anger when I cried, she didn't want to awaken the neighborhood.
   She for my clothes off and forced my dangling 'baby machine' inside her, oh how it hurt!
"Aunty is paining me" I said in tears.
"Look at you, your prick cannot even stand yet, are you sure you are a man? After showing you my big breast and fine bottom , nawa" she hissed at me , while she moved back and forth atop me, with every move, I felt a sharp pain, even now, the pain looks so real.
I never told anyone, I just lived with the trauma of that experience. Today, I can't count how many times aunty Chichi has forced me to lay with her, she kept at it until I was twenty , maybe this is why she never got married. When I turned twenty, Aunty Chichi died, the world says its suicide, I assure you it isn't , pain can drive a man to do evil, even to kill . She got a little taste of my shades of pain and sorrow!

Written by Duruem Gory Ada

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