Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Caroline Danjuma emphasizes on forgiveness

 Caroline Dajuma
Actress and mother, Caroline Dajuma has written a short piece emphasizing on forgiveness. According to her, she was guilty of unforgiveness for a long time.

She shared the above post and wrote;

“I would really want to emphasis on FORGIVENESS.. I guess the reason why a lot of us do not forgive is because we are mostly taught to constantly tell God to eliminate our enemies .. have you ever taken a moment to think that when you are praying to God to destroy and kill your enemies, you could be someone’s enemy too? Meaning by the time we are all done praying only infants who are innocent will be left…. now let’s change our mindset and prayers… forgive your enemies and ask God to touch their hearts to forgive you .. then tell God to handle any situation you find urself in .. let him have the ultimate and final say …. please always note this the enemy is not your neighbour nor ur family member but the Devil himself who searches for weak souls to use to manifest his havoc .. I was guilty of this for a long time and trust me ,most times I prayed my prayers where answered within a sec but when u begin to see beyond the norm , then u will know that the devil is working really hard … love thy neighbours as thy self including ur enemies .. fight the devil with the word of God .. Gods punishment is far more greater and would last a lot longer if u let him do his work .. let it go 😘😘😘😘.. take ur time to practice , gradually u will get used to it .. forgiving ur enemies does not mean u should be a scape goat again , u can always pray for them with a pure heart ….a snake must not bite u twice .. shalom”

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