Chris Okafor
The fiery General Overseer of Liberation City church known for his unrivaled audacity and strings of accurate prophecies has cautioned the Federal Government of Nigeria in their new quest to contain the activities of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB)
The revered man of God who accurately prophesied the end of Ebola in Nigeria, the outcome of the 2015 elections in Nigeria, the missing Malaysian airline, the release of Nnamdi Kanu from prison, the recently concluded Kenyan elections, etc., has warned that if not well handled, the method and timing of intervention could spell doom for the entire country.
He enjoined the Federal Government to tread cautiously and exhaust every last opportunity for dialogue with the group. He went further to say that in the realm of the spiritual, Nigeria is right now at the crossroads and that Christians all over Nigeria and beyond should dedicate a good amount of their time to pray for Nigeria everyday. He however assured that “there is no cause for alarm, because the God who answers by fire, will be our God!”
The man of God spoke at the end of a very successful annual convention of his ministry tagged “Two Nights With The King” It started as “One Night With The King”. It’s an annual worldwide convention of the Mountain of Liberation and Miracle Ministries a.k.a Liberation City. From inception, it’s preferred convergence ground has remained the Tafawa Balewa Square popularly known as TBS, in the heart of Lagos Island in Lagos State of Nigeria.

At this year’s convention tagged “Two Nights With The King”, something very spectacular happened. It was the crowd in attendance. But it wasn’t just the crowd, it was the diversity that caught everyone’s attention. People from all works of life, all denominations and substantially many religions other than Christianity thronged in the convention ground for a divine encounter.
Many analysts have posited that the sheer size of the crowd, more than fifty thousand capacity and the diverse nature of it is nothing but an overwhelming endorsement of everything that Dr. Chris Okafor and his ministry stand for. It shows an appeal that reaches across Religious, Traditional and Cultural lines.
With Steve Crown, Joe Praize and other great gospel artistes on hand to bring down the heavens, Dr Chris Okafor shook the mammoth crowd when on the last day of the event, he attempted to minister deliverance and healing to nearly every single person on that ground. It was a fete he had never attempted in all his years in ministry. The crowd was left in celestial awe of a strange man who seemed a tireless bulldozer in the face of diverse satanic harassment.
There was virtually no kind of healing and miracle that didn’t happen on that ground. Sometimes people wonder if there was a special kind of anointing reserved for this annual program. It’s almost beginning to look as if something entirely unheard of always happens whenever this annual program shows up.
According to the man of God, “God instructed me to start that program and make it an annual event. It is always a date with Destiny. That’s why God always surprises us at every edition of the program. Look at the miracles that took place at this year’s event. I had to request to watch the videos later. I absolutely didn’t even know what I was doing. Like everyone else, I was greatly amazed when I saw the videos. Watch out, next year’s edition will come with its own big surprises as well. I am humbled”