Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Taxi Driver Shot Dead in Broad Daylight in Front of Children (Photo)

A taxi driver has been killed in a very public place and in broad daylight as people in horror at the sight of murder.
The incident occurred on this spot
A South African taxi driver from Avanza taxi driver was shot dead on Friday afternoon.
According to Daily Sun SA, the incident happened in front of residents, including children, in broad daylight in Marikana squatter camp, Philippi East.

When the SunTeam arrived at the scene, residents were telling one another how it happened.

“The suspects ran towards a man and started shooting at him.

“It was not far from where we were. We’re relived he didn’t hurt us,” said a witness.
According to another witness, the taxi driver was talking on his phone moments before being shot.

“I heard him saying he was in Marikana and then these guys started shooting at him. The driver didn’t live in the area,” said a witness.
Nonkanyiso Ngalonkulu said she was enjoying her lunch when she heard gun shots.

“When I went outside I saw a man lying on the ground. Someone said three guys just shot at him without saying a word,” said Nonkanyiso.
Western Cape police spokeswoman Sergeant Noloyiso Rwexana confirmed the incident.

“Police attended to the scene and found the body of a 30-year-old victim with gunshot wounds.

“Police are investigating but no arrest has been made,” said Rwexana.

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