Monday, 10 July 2017

Suspected robbers including a lady who stormed home of Surveyor General arrested

Surveyor General
Suspected armed robbers who stormed the home of Nigeria’s Surveyor General, have been arrested by officers attached to Cross River State Police Command .
It was gathered that a tracking device monitored from the phone belonging to the surveyor general, led to their arrest.
One of the robber is from Ekori, in Yakurr LGA, while the other is from Ikom in Ikom LGA. A girl from Akwa Ibom was also arrested.
Pictures above:

1. The man with the orange T-shirt is Joseph Ikoi Odimya from Ekori.
2. The man with a unbuttoned shirt is Author Berong Odok.
3. The girl is Mercy Akpan from Obot Akara, LGA in Akwa Ibom.

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