Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Photos: Police Holds Emergency Meeting With Residents Over The Death Of A Lady In Ugandan

The Deputy commander of Kampala Metropolitan Police SP Francis Tumwesigye has held a security-related meeting with residents of Katabi town council, Uganda, following the gruesome murder of a hair stylist.
Rose Nakimuli had been raped, murdered and her body dumped in a plantation near her rented home in Kitala zone in Monday morning.
She was the fifth rape and murder victim in Katabi in a space of only two months. Close neighbors revealed that the murdered woman left a nearby bar for home between 1am and 2am local time. They claimed that she left her regular drinking spot heavily drunk.
Hours later, she would be found in a plantation near her place of abode, naked, with two sticks shoved into her private parts and dead. Just like the other murder episodes.
This fifth case has sent even more ripples of fear among the locals. Some are feeling very insecure amid assurances from the area police that security is to be ramped up and that they have some suspects in their custody.
"This is an organized crime. We have the names of the suspects [for the previous murders] but we cannot disclose them because of security reasons,” said Entebbe division police commander Godfrey Ninsiima.

“We have instructed all bar operators to close at 10pm local time, and any bar found operating beyond that time will be closed indefinitely,” he added.
Ninsiima went on to caution all residents to always move with their national IDs, especially at night to avoid getting arrested by patrol police. He was also critical of some local leaders whom he accused of interfering in police work by pressuring them to release suspects who are known criminals in the area.
"We have over 150 suspects in police custody and the rest have been remanded to Kigo Prison.”
Following the security meeting, residents resolved to form village security committees of 33 people per village.7
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