Wednesday, 12 July 2017


Help!" Chidinma screamed as loud as she could, she needed to awaken the neighborhood, she needed help.
" help!" She screamed again, struggling to set herself free from his grip , he was stronger than she expected.
"Hel....." Her screams became muffled, he had placed his hand over her mouth.
"Chibuike, please, please?" She tried to whisper under his palm.
"Is it because I said you weren't man enough?" She said as a slap met her across the face.
"Shut up!" Chibuike's whisper held command.
Chidinma knew she caused this, she wasn't even this serious when she said this, how could her cousin rape her? This was incense, total darkness.
"Chibuike , we share blood, I am your family!" Chidinma gasped in pain, he had found his way into her honey comb.
"To hell with family" he moaned as he jerked back and forth in the traditional sex dance. "Chidinma, you are sweet" he whispered, "let's do this often" He said as he jerked off her in an orgasm.
Chidinma let tears flow off her eyes, he wasn't even man enough, just one minute? This was darkness!!

Written by Duruem Gory Ada

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