Thursday, 13 July 2017

American gospel singer, Don Moen is NOT dead!

Don Moen

Earlier yerterday, the internet was flooded with people mourning and sending in tributes after an online news website, Houston news allegedly declared American singer-songwriter, Donald James “Don” Moen  DEAD!
Thats Untrue! It has been revealed that the gospel singer is alive, hale and hearty.

Nigerian gospel singer, Frank Edward who collaborated with the American to produce “Grace”, used his official twitter page to debunk the rumour, saying that people should ignore the fake news.
He had a conversation with Don Moen’s son, Michael and he confirmed that he is still very much alive.
Don Moen
Frank Edward shared a chat with Michael which said, “Hey Michael how’s dad?”
Michael responded, “Dad is great and in good health. That article is false and just getting people to click through their website. I will have Dad post something on social media shortly so that people know. Thanks for reaching out.”
Even Wikipedia goofed around on his untrue demise!
Don Moen

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