Wednesday, 14 June 2017


 I am jobless.

I used to work for Mr Badmus, our office used to be the best place,
everyone had easy jobs and got good pays , our office was the best
until last year, until the take over....
   I can never forget December last year, on a Monday morning , Mr
Badmus bought a computer, that same Monday, Kachi was sacked, Mr
Badmus claimed the computer could do what Kachi was employed to do,
kachi lost his job to a computer.  That same week, Mr Badmus came to
my office , he looked at me with pity and said;
 "Tosin, have you heard of the accounting machine?"
I looked a little confused and said,
 "Accounting machines , I know them",
 "Good, its accurate and better than humans" Mr Badmus smiled and sat
opposite me.
 "Humans have to operate it though, it dosent work itself though it is
100% accurate " I adjusted on my sit, fear knocking on my heart.
   "You would loose your job to this machine" , he pulled off his glasses.
 "Sir, it cannot happen, Kachi just left, now its me, why  would......"
  "Next is Kemi and Joshua, I just found a good marketing app, online
customers, larger and direct.. This is the 21st century." He put the
glasses back on.
  "Mr Badmus, why?..."
"Come  to the office next week for recommendations letter, my friend
might hire you" He dropped an envelope on the table and walked out,
leaving me in tears.

I lost my job to a machine.

Karma has a way of pay back, Karma pays back badly , real bad. I went
to the office two weeks later, Mr Badmus said that he forgot the later
, so I had to go home with him to get my letters for a new job.
We got home, I waited outside as he went inside,  the shout of
"Jesus!" made me rush in. There in the living room, on the couch was
Mrs Tonye Badmus, totally naked , legs open wide apart , dildo and
vibrator by her side, ......
    "Jesus !" I screamed too as the woman went down on her knees,
begging , her beautiful breast dangling .
 "Tonye! You are masturbating with machines? Oh! Don't I do you
enough?" Mr Badmus fell on the chair , pulled of his glass, shaking
his head.

I didn't understand why she did it in the living room,couldn't she do
it in the room?

"Let's go back Tosin!" He stood, walked out with me behind him.

"Why is she doing that? She doesn't allow me touch her yet she does
this?" Badmus cried before me.

 "Machines have taken over your job sir, they always do it better, its
the 21st century remember?" I said, a smile playing on my lips.

That last sentence cost me the letter and here I am , jobless.

Written by Duruem Gory Ada

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