Saturday, 17 June 2017


Thump .... Thump.... Thump...

The sound keeps coming, the devil must be on our roof, the devil has
been released from hell.

  "Nne, hold your sister, hold her tight"  Mother whispers , clutching
our baby brother so close, almost suffocating him.

"Mama, what is that?" Amara's innocent voice breaks out in a whisper .

"Mama, is the world really ending today?". I close my eyes and grab
Amara, holding her even closer.

" This could be our very last moment " Father says as he stands by the window.

Thump.... Thump....
The sounds are clearer, the devil is coming down, he is coming to take us.

"Mama... Papa... Are we really awaiting death? " I cry , looking at my
crying mother.

"Its more than death, its the war of gods , the holy book says it,
they call it the holy war, the devil is here" ,Father , -Mr know all-
tries explaining

I have heard about this war, I heard it came after gods took that
which belonged with them, then they left the unclean ones for the
devil to torment.

"So, father, We were not clean?" I ask, looking at Mike my baby
brother, he too wasn't clean?

"I don't...."

Slash!  A sword cut through our ceiling, cutting father into two
halves before he spoke.

"Ewo!! Run!,"  mother drops the baby on the bed and runs off, even
mothers abandon their children at the sight of terror.

We all ran, I drop Amara, tried to run real fast but, Amara's voice
suddenly became a distant wailing . I stop and run back, there in a
pool of blood, cut open is Amara's  wailing head. Moving up in the
hands of Lucifer the devil is my baby brother.

I beheld the devil.

The devil has come to stay!


Written by Duruem Gory Ada

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