Thursday, 15 June 2017

Read The Story Of These Love Birds Of Reportnaija

Love is magical and what more way can we sing the rhythm of love than with this story of these love birds.....Biodun and Helen.
She met him through a friend when she was in higher institution. Her friend posted a picture of hellen on her facebook wall and Biodun saw the pics and got love struck instantly(who says there is no love at first sight). He pestered hellen's friend on and on about her and never let go until she succumbed and introduced hellen to him and they later became good friends. Their friendship lasted for six months before he asked her out in the seventh month. Their love grew in leaps and bounds for the next five years before he popped up with the magical proposal words........... and hellen SAID YES!!!! Hmmmmm..... this love birds will be saying I DO this saturday to seal their wonderous love journey.

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