Horror Story: 2 Men Sailing in a Yacht Get Trapped by a Flesh-Eating Crocodile On a Rock...And This Happened

Two men who were enjoying sailing on a yacht have been attacked and trapped on a rock by a dangerous flesh-eating crocodile.
The men sent an SOS signal as they sought for help
According to a report by The Sun UK, the Police officers who investigated the creepy SOS sign spotted in the Australian outback say it was made in 2013 by two desperate friends trapped by a hungry crocodile.
The sign, written in rocks, was spotted by an eagle-eyed pilot flying over the Swift Bay area in Western Australia and sparked a search for a potential castaway.
Authorities found no trace of human activity after a thorough search of the area and the nearest populated site is a camping destination Mitchell Plateau – hundreds of miles away.
The site is so remote that cops were only able to access it by using helicopter, reports ABC.
But after police put a call out to the public for help on social media the mystery appears to have been solved… by a Londoner who knew all about the incredible story.
The person said two men were sailing a yacht in the Kimberley region and used an inflatable dinghy to go ashore in Swift Bay, according to the Mail Online.
Instead of finding a fresh water spring and Aboriginal art, the pair were confronted by a man-eating crocodile.
“They tied the dinghy to a rock and when they saw a 3.5metre crocodile swimming towards them, got out and scrambled onto the rock as the crocodile took a large bite out of the dinghy,” the Londoner claims.
“The dingy deflated and they were stranded with the crocodile remaining in the area, and so managed to climb further up the rock where they remained huddled overnight.”
The killer croc cut off their route back to the yacht and forced the pair to built a rock shelter and source water and food as they tried to get help.
File photo: An attacking, man-eating crocodile forced two men to shelter on the island for a whole week
For seven days the castaways were stranded as more crocodiles began hovering between them and their boat.
“Desperate to get off the remote beach, they made a cross out of oars, a large SOS with white rocks and tied up the hull of the dinghy by the bow above the high water mark, which to a sailor would look ‘wrong’,” the man told police.
After an exhausting week they managed to flag down a passing motor yacht and were rescued – suffering weight loss and hypothermia.
Police used the story as a warning to all those exploring the remote areas of Australia.
Before the true nature of the sign was revealed, a spokesperson for WA Police said cops were left scratching their heads as to who could have created the sign.
They said: “Police have conducted a ground search of the area but did not locate any persons or any indication of recent human activity in the vicinity.

“Police are trying to establish if there are any missing persons in the area who require assistance.
“Anyone who can assist police with locating or identifying the person(s) who made the SOS is urged to call Crime Stoppers.”
Senior Sergeant Peter Reeves confirmed that someone may have previously camped at the site – but it is hard to determine how long ago, reports ABC.
He said: “We’ve done a ground search and aerial search of the area and there are indications that there may have been someone camped there at one point in time, but it’s just not clear how long ago that was.”
SOS is a distress signal which is recognised through out the world since its inception in the early part of the 20th Century.