Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Actress Ify Okeke blast those who bashed her for insinuating she’s 17-years

Nollywood actress Ifeoma Okeke who used a 17th birthday props for her birthday yesterday has come for those who called her out for insinuating she’s 17.
Ifeoma Okeke 1
Well, according to her, it was just for humour. She wrote;

“Cheiiiii…UNU AFRICA, sotey the recession of the country have suddenly made “YOU GUYS” lost your sense of “HUMOR”, sotey some begin write history of when I enter industry, some turn my papa wey give my mama belle, some started posting my tbt pictures, some are even the Mumu’s who have celebrated 25years 10times or some the Ode’s who have celebrated 30years million time come dey talk to me, taaaaaaaaaa!!’ IFEOMA OKEKE WEY NO SEND UNA, taaaaaaaaaaaa. NA REALLY WAAAAA, but if u sabi me well then you go know say I CHOPUTAS NOT, AFA MU BU AZU ANU UKA. If the 17years pain you well well please jump the bridge or look of rat poison very close to you and hang yourselves MSHEWWWWWWW. #ndialaosemainmarket”

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