Saturday, 13 May 2017

THIS THING CALLED LOVE (Episode 2) By Glory Ada

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Ngozi couldn't say for sure if she had seen her mother pass by, she
hardly took note of things these days, life had confined her in a
place she couldn't get away from.

 She was carrying a child , her mama's husband was responsible for her
pregnancy, it was a taboo but, she was in love. She and her mama's
husband knew that the age difference would keep them apart , so they
had played their love in secret until her papa had left and ran off to
the city with Mama Nkechi , the neighbour's wife whom he loved.
Now her mama had remarried, it was the man she loved, she was going to
keep the baby as a sign of the love.

"Ngo" Her mama called from behind, she always does with her face
looking like a cry baby.
"Nne'm",  Ngozi stood quote slowly, she might have noticed her mama earlier.

"Bia goteru'm ihe" Her mama started to walk inside when she turned to
find Ngozi not following her.

"Are you deaf?" Her mama was angry, she always was.
 "No mama , I'm carrying a life" Ngozi said without moving , she
wasn't going to be scared of this woman anymore, this woman she called
mother , later, she would find out this wasn't her mama.
 "What?",Are you dead before?" Her mama never understood parables, she
never read between the lines but, later, life would force her to be
meticulous in all her dealings.

   "No mama, I'm pregnant"
   "You are crazy".
"Mama, I mean it, its papa who is responsible, I love him, I'm not
aborting " Ngozi rolled out her tongue in speeches before getting hold
of herself.

  Her mama stood, mouth ajar, eyes wide open , fists clenched,. Maybe
she did not understand, but when she later did. She would kill Ngozi
in her fleet of rage , not before telling her that her real mama is
Mama Ukwa the market woman who had loved Okey the hunter and had left
her with her father just to be with Okey.

Written by Duruem Gory Ada

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