Saturday, 13 May 2017

See How a Woman Exposed Her Husband's Mistress as She Vows to Bewitch Her (Photos)

There's an angry lady who has exposed her husband's side chick as she narrated how the alleged mistress has been milking him dry.
The alleged mistress who was exposed
A Kenyan lady identified as Wagathoni Ann, has taken to the social networking platform, Facebook, to expose her husband’s alleged mistress as she narrated how the lady has been milking her husband dry. 
According to the angry housewife, she snooped on her husband’s phone and found out that he has promised her a plot of land.

“This woman want to ruin my marriage. She snatched my husband and flew to Dubai. My husband is crazy about her. He has promised her a plot and is even sending her money in Dubai. Amekula pesa za mzee wangu mingi sana through Mpesa,” she wrote on a post after sharing the alleged side chick's photos on Facebook
She vowed to teach her a lesson by be-witching her. “I will visit Zanzibar and be-witch her. She will know I am from Kabete,” the lady further said.
Below is her full post as well as the exposed mistress' photos;

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