Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Rosaline Meurer Fans Come For Her Following Her Mother's Day ,Message

The actress shared a beautiful mother's day image on her IG page,  alongside a sweet message, which obviously did not go down well with some of her fans.

Read her message and the comments below:

A mother is like a flower 🌺 each one beautiful and unique. Happy Mother's Day to MY SUPER MOTHER the love of my life and all the beautiful mothers around the world. A special wish to all the single mothers, even on the days you feel you are failing look around, I promise your kids still feel you are the best mother in the whole universe and that's all that matters. Remember You are special and a super mom. You are doing great!

onyiiforealThis ur special wish to single mother's Is ur mother a single mother?
iamvictoriahams@onyiiforeal I wonder o! Abeg epp me ask her

tobyangie92@commentpolice7700 I really don't understand a word u are trying to say, but pls let's be respectful here because I don't not know u nor do I wish to know u, so please do not tag my name in whatever it is your talking about,
commentpolice7700@tobyangie92 truly u dey very stupid. Obviously u dnt want to undastand dats y u dnt n u wil neva. Wen u no get respect 4 urself hw ppl wan tak respect u. U no need no b bcos no b ur kind of peson person dey wan no. Mak u use ur long mout tak put me 4 trouble hiyan no o keep ur no no 4 ur self. U ask question I ansa 4 u since na everytin u see u wan cary mouth put. Tatafo olosho
obyswt2In all truthfulness, is being a single mum the best no matter what?

tobyangie92@commentpolice7700 , uneducated fool, did I ask u question. I don't even know y I'm responding to u, your obviously less busy
tobyangie92@commentpolice7700 , I honestly don't know why u are forcing yourself to have a conversation with me, I refuse to belittle myself and will not respond to one more stupidity
commentpolice7700@tobyangie92 u no go respond cuz u b lier. Ur mouth dey smell n Shame don catch u. Today na Sunday I dey rest no work madam I get ur time. No respond I don already tell u my own see as e b like cabin biscuit

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