Friday, 14 October 2016

You are not Janet Jackson...Don't try to get pregnant at 50 -Wendy Williams warns women

Wendy Williams reacted to Janet Jackson's pregnancy,saying it's not easy to bring up a baby when you're 50 and wished the star good luck.
"If a lot of people are watching in that age bracket, I hope you're not really falling for this like this could happen to you, you know,""I'm not being shady, I'm being sympathetic,"This is like a cautionary tale or a public service announcement. Attention all women over 50+ - you are not Janet nor do you have that money.
"Even after she has the baby, there's the part about tolerating children's music in the car... the movies... I dont miss that particular part of those years."

She then moved onto how Janet conceived, saying:
 "So somebody shady in our Hot Topics segment suggested we really don't know how Janet got pregnant. What do you mean? It doesn't matter! She's pregnant. Really pregnant. And I'm not assuming it was the in and out. My assumption is that there were needles involved in the thigh.""And being 50 a new mum... so now you have the baby and the baby has 10 toes but you're tired." 
"Well she's got a lot of money. This is a cautionary tale to our Wendy watchers. Don't think you can do this... she'll get through it because she'll have someone grocery shopping and wet nursing... whatever."

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