Monday, 17 October 2016

Waitress Begs Oyinbo Guest For Money At A Wedding (Photos)

Wonders they say shall never end or how do one explain what a waitress at a wedding did to this oyinbo man.

Arese Ugwu
Arese Ugwu of the Smart Money fame and media personality revealed what happened at a wedding reception she attended over the weekend. She could not hide her disappointment as she recounted the bizarre event on Instagram. 

oyinbo guest
oyinbo guest The oyinbo guest waitress wrote to She wrote: “You guys!!!!! I cant breathe 😂😂😂 see what this Buhari economy is causing o? So we are sitting at our table at this traditional wedding and a waitress passes a letter to this guy saying please I need financial assistance complete with gtb account details….”
Ugwu blames the embarrassing event on the state of the Nigeria economy and Buhari-led administration. But really, people, we can do better. Let’s do better!

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