Saturday, 15 October 2016

Trending With Maxwell Onwordi - Why Nigeria Is Facing Recession

Maxwell Onwordi who is a journalist  has attributed the current economic challenges facing the country to the inability of government at all levels to seek professional advice from experts because government had always relied on politicians for advice.

The journalist who lamented that Nigerian would not have experienced recession if professionals had been involved in policy making and the art of governance. Adding that Government at all levels should work closely with professionals because In the past, politics took priority over professionalism and that is the reality we are facing.

“But if government at all levels work closely with professional bodies and they adhere strictly to professional advice, we will soon get out of economic problem.

“We are currently, as country, in recession and we have no business being in recession. This is the time the government needs the professionals most to advise it.

“Government should monitor its programmes and activities so that we can tap into all the resources of the nation and bring Nigeria to be among the first countries in the world.”

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