Saturday, 1 October 2016

MMM Is Not Scam - Ezeji Emmanuel Ogochukwu Says

If you don't take risks you will be taken by the same risk..
  Iregistered for MMM last August 25th 2016. with the sum of 50,000 by providing help for people.. i waited for 15days before i was paired with people am to pay into their accounts. loo and behold i was paired with 3 different people one was 11000, 5000, and 34000 that sum up to the 50k i wanted to provide help with..
Now today i got an alert of 75,000...

into my account...
abeg who government epp?
mmm isn't scam
mmm is here to stay..

see screen shot of the alert below.

if u want to join mmm inbox me for details
mind u , you can join for even 1000 to test if they are real...

Don't believe what u are hearing..
now i no dey borrow people money again..
try mmm and testify..
ponzi scheme or not mmm pays...

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  1. bia,you didn't tell me...all right