Friday, 14 October 2016

Lagos acquires Water weed harvesters

The Lagos State Government continues to show that it is fully committed to maintaining a safe and healthy environment for its residents and this is made obvious in several of the projects the government has embarked on, most recent of which is the purchase of water weed harvesters

Water weed harvesters are used to get rid of weeds from our water ways. The process of clearing the weed is usually repeated several times in the growth season due to the fast rate of growth of these plants especially the water hyacinth which is the most commonly found weed in Lagos.

The water hyacinth is dangerous to our waterways because of the abundance of its leaves, dense vegetation and innumerable rootlets which in turn obstruct water flow, and pose a challenge to irrigation processes. They also curtail recreational activities such as swimming, boat transportation and other attractions. The water hyacinth becomes breeding places to mosquitoes, snakes, snails and frogs, hence leading to malaria, schistosomiasis, encephalitis, and cholera. The weed also changes water chemistry by reducing its levels of oxygen leading to suffocation, and eventual death of living organisms including fishes.

This is a very laudable project which reflects the commitment of the government to ensuring that out /r The government has ordered more of these weed harvesters so they can be effectively deployed in every area in Lagos state where water weed has become a menace.

 Find below more pictures of the weed harvesters being put to use;

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