Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Karl Lagerfeld tells Kim Kardashian -You can't flaunt your wealth and be surprised people want a share'

Fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld has criticized Kim Kardashian for flaunting her wealth, a day after the reality star was robbed at gunpoint in Paris of $11million worth of jewellery.
Lagerfeld had written Kardashian a note on Monday saying:
 'Dearest Kim, we are all with you', after she was tied up and robbed at a luxury apartment in Paris.
  However,the designer told reporters after his Chanel show,

'You cannot display your wealth and then be surprised that some people want to share it with you,'
But he criticised the celebrity for showing off her jewellery to her more than 100 million social media followers.
'If you're that famous and you put all your jewellery on the net, you go to hotels where nobody can come near to the room,' he said.I think it's a very bad thing for Paris but I don't understand why she was in a hotel with no security,' Image wise, I think it is very bad. We make all of these efforts to make Paris appealing and then this happens. Apparently they were people from Eastern Europe.'

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