Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Horrific moment teen boy is shot 17 times by his lover's ex-boyfriend (pics + vid)

Marlon Roldan Soares, was at Salgado Filho International airport to see off a friend in Porto Alegre, Brazil, when love rival Diego da Silva Severo, 25, brutally cut down the teenager in a hail of hot bullets. The motive for this horrific crime? A woman.

The horrific moment was captured on surveillance cameras as investigators revealed they arrested one of the suspects on Monday after he was found shot in the leg hiding in a house and in possession of the gun allegedly used in the murder.

The 18-year-old victim, Marlon Roldan Soares, was in Terminal Two at Salgado Filho International airport in Porto Alegre, south Brazil, with his family to see off a friend who was about to catch a flight, when the incident occurred, reports Daily Mail

Detective Adriano Melgaço said the youngster, who was killed on his 18th birthday, was hit at close range by least 17 bullets. The gunmen escaped in a getaway car.

Mr Melgaço said: "The crime was characteristic of an assassination, as all the shots were fired at close range."

While under police guard the accused allegedly admitted he was responsible for killing Soares ‘because he was in a relationship with his ex-girlfriend.’

Detective Cassiano Cabral told O Globo: 'It was a crime of passion. He wanted to kill Marlon.'

According to police the killing was a crime of passion carried out by drug trafficker, Diego da Silva Severo, 25, who objected to Soares dating his ex-girlfriend.

Severo has a history of illegal firearms, theft and drug trafficking.
the murdered teen
Officers believe the unidentified woman had been banned from seeing anyone outside her former-boyfriend’s faction.

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