"10 Jobs That Make Nigerian Employees Wear Tattered Outfits"

Though, wearing of tattered outfits is not something than can be generalized as it has to do with individuals but then, the nature of some jobs and occupations Nigerians engage in often makes them wear tattered outfits

Without wasting time, below are the jobs and occupation cool

1. Cement Lifting Jobs

The nature of this job does not require fashionable person in any way because of the dirty nature of this job. This job puts employees a position to be in tattered outfits inside or outside working environment.

2. Bricklaying Jobs

Brkcklayers will always get dirty in the course of their work, so they can't but wear clothes that are synonymous to rags before working except for those working with well established building companies such as Julius Berger, Metropolitan etc.

3. PSP (Sewage Packing)

Most PSP agents that are on mission field are always looking so dirty and unkempt when packing refuse. Even after working hour, they may get home without even taking a shower because they are already used to so many hazards. During my one year IT, I also worked as a PSP agent in Oshodi. I went to work countless times without even bathing let alone rub creams nor apply perfume to my body. During this period, I was fond of wearing ragged and tattered clothes to visit my fiancee without any shame even when her parents' were seated in their sitting room

4. Mortuary Agents Jobs

People who are employed in this kind of job are capable of murder as they are not emotional in any way. They don't care about their looks or who is looking at them. In fact, handsomeness and fashion are out of their lives. Most times you see them shamelessly dressed each time you visit a mortuary

5. Public Transport (Conductor)

Most conductors in Nigeria dress the way they like not mind g if they would come across Agbani Darego or Ishilove in their danfo bus. This is very common with Lagos conductors who are fond of wearing only singlet and slippers and they're good to travel to any part of the country

6. Civil Servants Jobs

I know many will agree with me that most civil servants dress to work in old fashioned or outdated attires mainly because neither will FG or state govt query them for dressing the way they like. It is very evident that local govt workers often go to work with shirts and trousers that can be wide enough to sew bed sheets and curtains cheesy

7. Mechanical Jobs

Most self employed mechanics deem it right to wear dirty clothes even outside their working environment because they feel they're mechanics . To be very candid, some of them can even wear their ragged workshop clothes to Lalasticlala's wedding ceremony, house warming, burial, and even banks

8. Security Jobs (LASTMA, Police)

Most of our Law Abiding officials dress disgracefully that some of their uniforms are patched at ridiculous places and you will begin to wonder if they're working for govt for free. This reminds when I was traveling from Ekiti back to Lag yesterday, our driver refused to bribe a LASTMA officer with torn uniform and this man chased our bus at and clipped with one left leg shouting ''park...park...park.'

9. Carpentry Job

You don't need to argue that our local carpenters are usually poorly dressed anywhere you see them. They wear the same clothes for working to parties. When they're working, they always take off their shirts leaving only their trousers

10. Vulcanizer Works

When JAMB frustrated my life for about 4 years, friends and family members advised me to opt in for vulcanizer work just to learn a skill before gaining admission. The very first day at work, I was discouraged seeing the way my boss was dressed like someone that has been forgotten by God

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Written by: Tosyne2much