Man Narrates How He Was Forced To Pay For Fire Extinguisher By Filling Station

Nigerians can be truly wicked and evil sometimes. Today I was on Ikorodu road, headed towards Maryland from Ojota.

As I approached the Total filling station (facing the direction to Maryland it's the one on the right), I saw a Dangote lorry fully loaded with cement on fire. I watched as area boys tried to put out the fire with buckets of water but because it was the tyres burning it was like water off a duck's back. They needed fire extinguishers really quick, with a sudden adrenaline rush I drove into the Ojota station, jumped out of my car told the petrol attendant I needed a fire extinguisher, she pointed at one and I grabbed it and ran to the scene of the fire . For those who know this stretch the Governor has barricaded the median with unsalable wire fences.

Unfortunately the fire was on the other side of the express, all the area boys shouted 'Baba throw am!' So with all the strength I could muster and probably with a push an Olympic hammer thrower would be proud of, I threw it over the median.
One particular area boy took it and swiftly sprayed the truck, the fire went down. Shortly after people brought two fire extinguishers and the fire was soundly beaten. 

The attendants at the another filling station on that side of the road told me they would get it across to Total.

Satisfied I walked back to my car at the Total filling station expecting a heroes welcome, the manager, his assistant, a feral looking lady and several yes men approached me angrily and asked why I carried the fire extinguisher without permission, (haba! E na gba mi! Naka why?) I explained it was an emergency and I sought the permission of the lady attendant before taking it. The manager said 'sir as you are talking I see say you are from over there, me I never leave Nigeria we don't do that here, you are in big trouble ' he said if they didn't get the cylinder back it would cost 50k , even if they got it back it would cost 5k to refill the contents.

I asked him if it was his car burning would he reason like that? By that time a crowd of attendants were like 'make we burst the tyre?' You steal our cylinder!! Even when the manager of the other Total station on the opposite side of the road explained what happened the other manager and his minions were not having it, he tried to grab my keys and I pushed his hands away and told him if he laid a finger on him I would mess him up. I meant it.

He guessed I was serious and called the police patrol and said I would be arrested. Long story Police came on the scene at this time almost 5hrs had gone and I was tired. I paid the 5k for refill of the extinguisher. I just took it as one of those things. Peoples cursed the Total filling station guys, even the area boys were so angry but the fence separating the media prevented them from crossing over. I left it to God. This won't stop me from rendering help when it's needed and I can help, all this happened a day after I was robbed. If Dangote is hearing this pls let him know he owes me 5k, and if Total hears this let them know that your guys at Ojota filling station Ikorodu road are plain evil. Bayo Oyenuga aka DMSquared. bayox2001@yahoo.con