Thursday, 1 September 2016

Freeze gushes about his lady after she made him Shawarma(Photo)

OAP Freeze has gushed over his lady after she served him with home cooked Sharwama..He wrote
I came home after a stressful day at work. I sat at the table and asked bae, "What's for dinner darling?" She served me this. With eyes wide open I asked "you bought me a Shawarma?" No she smiled, and with a cute wink she replied "I made Shawarma for dinner!" "Do people make Shawarma at home?" I wondered to myself.... "I must have hit the jackpot with this one! Haaaa, na suya e remain make bae cook for house." Drifting back from my thoughts I asked, "this Shawarma, is it beef or chicken?" She smiled as she replied "No, it's grilled turkey". Haaaa, lobatan!.....

..... 6 minutes later, after devouring the two wraps I stole another wrap from Bae. I can't move, I'm tooooo full! I swear never to eat Shawarma outside again as nothing I have ever tasted even comes close to this in deliciousness, juicyness and texture!.....
Dear fans of Bae's cooking, if me and her ever fight, make una help me beg am make she nor vex o! Dem don use food tie me, hand and leg! 😎.

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