Fans Blast OAP Freeze Over COZA Pastor Fatoyinbo's 1 Million Naira Bag

Yesterday, COZA Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo was all over the News for having an expensive bag with millions ).

OAP Freeze who is known for running his mouth on controversial issues such as reacted too by posting the photo above with the caption
"Spot the difference...Is that a N1m Gucci bag in this recession? My congratulations pastor!!!
I think it's high time we reevaluated our belief system. Jesus handed very clear instructions to his disciples; Mark 6:7-8 KJV
[7] And he called unto him the twelve, and began to send them forth by two and two; and gave them power over unclean spirits; [8] And commanded them that they should take nothing for their journey, save a staff only; no scrip, no bread, no money in their purse:

Remember, we are what we believe; mere puppets in the hands of the people who create those beliefs. Modern day slavery goes way beyond bars, chains and handcuffs, be wise Nigerians, be extra careful who you allow into your mind! ~FRZ"

While some of his followers agreed with him, many of them began accusing him of his flamboyant lifestyle especially his very expensive wrist watches.
 Image result for oap freeze wrist watches

Image result for oap freeze wrist watchesImage result for oap freeze shows off his wrist watchedImage result for oap freeze shows off his wrist watched
And the tide turned against him...

Now here are some of the reactions he got!
Temitayo Oyewole "Of all people, I would really think you are one not qualified to call him out cos you go through the same saga with each watch you post online so I thought you would really understand and choose not to call him out. Plus the other day I saw you apologize to him even though he has never replied you for once. You totally insult and tear down people who troll you but then you're doing the same to another trying to justify yourself with Bible verses. But these same verses take flight when you're ready to tear someone who doesn't have the clapback anointing apart with your words... Well then we all like to feel superior to others any way we can don't we?... 

Mr Teelex  "Freeze if he's guilty you are just as guilty !!! Let he without sins cast the stone first
Joecuji "daddyfreeze are you saying you can't buy a watch for a million bucks... or if I put all your watches together they won't cost that much... don't judge... he who hath no sin only shud cast the stones...

Ekikere Marcel "Don't get you Mr Freeze, but you are pro "social media flaunting" , you flaunt your watches, so why are you against the Pastor? Is it bcos he is a "Man of God" he can't also enjoy the luxuries of life? Lol.