Friday, 26 August 2016

The "Must enter Lagos if you wan blow" Orientation - By Rapper LMG

I decided to write this special piece this day as regards the overrated "You must enter Lagos if you wan blow" orientation!
I have been in the entertainment business for years, met great managers, artistes, and contacts, did proper surveys as regarding the market and what it really takes to penetrate into it!

To be Candid "there is no special spot for blowing" Anybody can make it from anywhere! To be more experimental about it, most artists from East and south who are today's stars and making it in the industry were picked from their home base ! We can give numerous records of the ones from East! Selebobo,Kelly handsome, Flavour,Phyno,Singaholic,J Martins, Veecko Kingz, 2kay, Timaya, M-kaze,Ruffcoin and now Xbusta....! In as much as the money ,the contacts,the value and entertainment power is in Lagos it doesn't disqualify the fact that an artist can create his or her own market from anywhere!

There are millions of artists in Lagos who are doing great yet five star music found Xbusta who is in East here more qualified , MMM found Selebobo more qualified, Techno created his own market from Abuja ! from Warri Erigga is much relevant nation wide than thousands of rappers in Lagos,great Duncan Mighty has refused to relocate to Lagos and he still remains more popular and rich than many super stars you watch on sound city. Zoro is still making impact from 042,Acharaman,MIC and F2 are still making their impact from their base! My boy baddest Oga Micky is still stubborn and killing it from his base! So what the heck are we talking about????????

The basic is create your own market, get your own team! Get a good manager, above all "Be Unique"!, same time sort out for fund, no proper funding no proper Waka! E get where "Abeg" dey reach stop! The hustle needs money, real money!
But all I'm saying is, You can be relevant from anywhere!
Finally, to all my fans! Be rest assured that I'm still here, #GoTuff remains! Soon we'll all light it 💯 more than we use to! Just be patient with me ,I'm working on establishing a stronger market!
#GodBlessEveryUpcomingArtistDoingGreat #NeverGiveUp #GotuffLivesForever

Weitten by Rapper LMG 

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