Monday, 29 August 2016

PHOTOS: Woman Tattoos Her Breast To Cover Scars Left Behind By Cancer

Pictures of Alison Habbal's tattooed breast are trending online since the 36 year old got the ink after beating breast cancer. She sat through 13 hours of intense work on painful, sensitive areas to get the tattoo as a rebirth from losing a nipple to the disease and extensive scars on the breast.

I didn't want a fake nipple made from some other piece of flesh. I thought I'm just going to get a tattoo… during the year I was sick I had the idea of me with the blonde crop and the tattoo. The whole time I was sick I would trawl tattoo artists over the internet," Said Alison to BBC

Post-mastectomy and lumpectomy tattoos have been gaining popularity in recent years with women choosing tattoos over breast reconstruction.

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