Monday, 29 August 2016

PHOTOS: Funny Ways Lagosians Drink Their Garri

I remember back in the days when i and my butty friends use to call “Garri and epa” Cassa flakes with floating nuts. For some weird reason i can’t explain people assume drinking garri is a poor man thing but i beg to differ, rich people also drink garri to (not just as much as poor people). A reader of greennews sent in some images on her interpretation of how Lagosians drink and enjoy their garri, do you agree?

1.  Banana Island
They don’t normally drink this, but when they do… there must be a full animal involved.

2.  Ikoyi
Ikoyi people are selective. They won’t drink their garri except it is served with suya from Glover Court. Garri, suya and tomatoes. What an elitist combination!

3. Lekki
Lekki people like to show off. When garri is on the menu, they have it in the Lekki style. ‘Garri, fried chicken and a glass of Dom Perignon wine.

4. Ikeja GRA
Ikeja GRA people want to be different so bad, even when they are drinking their garri with standard miscellaneous items like groundnut and coconut.

5. Gbagada
Everything about Gbagada people is packaging. Even they way they serve their garri and common moimoi. That’s a N65 food looking like a meal of N500.

6.  Festac
Thanks to the hundreds of akara sellers on mile 2 axis. People living along that route combine everything with akara. Even garri.

7. Maryland
They don’t want their garri to look like the regular Mainland people garri so they drink a cup of milk with two teaspoon full of garri.

This is a standard dinner in Unilag. Sometimes it is served with groundnut, other days cold water without groundnut. On bad days, they drink water  and chew dry garri later.

The difference between UNILAG people garri and LASU people garri is the latter would leave theirs to swell so it can hold belle all day. This is a full day meal in LASU.

10 Abule Egba
They drink their garri without any condiments. If you see three days old ewa goin to drink with your garri in Abule Egba, ma’ ka thank God.

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