Photo: Suspected child kidnappers arrested in Lagos

Two suspected child kidnappers, Uche Umerua and Prophet Kenneth Alozie, have been arrested for kidnapping two siblings Jumai and Ayo Badmos, six and four years old, at the Igando area of Lagos state on Wednesday August 17th.

35-year-old Uche who is a barber in their area and well known to the children, went to their school during closing hours and asked them to follow him. According to him, their mother asked him to bring them home. The children followed Uche who took them to one prophet for spiritual work.
'One Lady Chioma, who specializes in abducting children, asked me to abduct two children for her. I picked up the children on their way back from school lesson at Akesan Bus Stop at about 12noon. I handed them over to Mama Chioma, who took the children to a prophet. I was asked to bring N6,000 so that a charm will be made for me to enable me bring in more children for them. The woman and prophet asked me to leave the building that they will give me a call. Unfortunately, on getting to my place of work, police apprehended me.”he said.
Denying claims that he is part of the kidnappig syndicate, Prophet Kenneth Alozie of Hope in God Living Ministry said:

“Mama Chioma is a member of my church. She brought in Mr. Uche and the two children for payers. Mr. Uche explained to me that his wife abandoned him and their two children for over a year now and he needs prayers for his wife to return back home".
When interrogated, the six year old victim said.
"They gave me rice and stew. They also bought drinks for us. He told us that it was our mummy that said he should buy them for us. I started crying when I did not see my mummy again. They did not cover our eyes. He said he was going to carry us to see my mummy but he carried me to another woman’s house. The place is not a church.”
Mother of two of the kidnapped children said:
“It was my sister that went to pick my children from the lesson venue. Unfortunately, when she got there she didn’t see them. I became worried and went to the police station to report. The police said we should go look for them first in the neighbourhood and ask my friends if they were with them. Luckily, one of the children who saw when the barber took my children, said he saw my children with him.”