Saturday, 13 August 2016

PHOTO: Lucy Of Rudeboy Records Goes Braless

Joke apart!!! I think it is time to lend a hand of help to this lady. I am not sure she has much bras in her closet. I don't even think she has got any. Ever since she came into lime light, I have never for once spotted her wearing bra.

We all understand that some ladies do not wear bra for some cogent reasons, of which I believe one of the reasons is for them to have a firm breast. But this girl breast is going towards the Creek in the South now, so what's her reason for not always bra.

The only conclusion I will make is that she does not either know how to buy bra or she doesn't have any. So for the sake of humanity, let's come together to buy bras for Lucy.

At least if her Boss can't do that, we Nigerians, despite the hardship in the country will do that for her.

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