Friday, 19 August 2016

INEC Announces Results Of Tai Election, Rivers, Declares APC Winner

'Amina Zakari and INEC just made it known that Tai results will be released. They had a meeting today with stakeholders of APC, PDP and other political parties.

And that elections can't be this August and not in September too, because of Edo and Ondo elections.

So that they are looking at October for any possible elections in Rivers State, but that everyone has to first of all agree to it'.

'Yes, the independence electoral commission (Inec) has gone ahead to announcing the results of the cancelled election of Tai local govt area in Rivers state. We want the general public to know that the PDP family in Tai are very strong and resolute that we have a good case against this declarations from INEC.there was no election in Tai on the 19th of march,2016.

Yes we will prove our case in the court against all odd and victory is sure.. This is a clear subversion of the will of the people and we will not allow it to stand.. This is impunity of the highest order but it will not succeed.

We therefore reaffirm our unalloyed support and confidence in our leaders:DR JACOBSON NBINA,HON.SYLVER NGBAR,HON DEEMOR GIDEON etc as they take steps in putting to an end this abnormally, and caution this hydra headed monster and tyrant who is poised at gaining political powers through the back door.
The declaration is clear that we can correct the wrong from the court and there we are going with our evidences...we are fully persuaded and ready to stop this impunity'.

Credit: Nkiruhomann

The pic above is evidence of cancelled election.

Update by APC News TV:

INEC accepts Tai Result of the last rerun election.

The implication is that Magnus Abe, Barry Mpigi and Mathew Dike all of APC have over 35,000 votes over and above their PDP counterparts who have between 2000 to 3000 votes.

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