Thursday, 18 August 2016

August 18 in 1983 & August 18th 2016 both fell on a Thursday

I put the and there because I don't get the pointNigerian comedian Francis Agoda, better known by his stage name 'I Go Dye', was trying to make when he shared this calendar on his Instagram page. He posted a photo of the 1983 calendar and wrote,
"Always try as much as possible to protect anything you have bcus nothing is useless in this world, and you don't know when they ll be useful. Thank God I didn't burn my 1983 calendar after 33 years, history repeat itself, so if you ve 1983 calendar feel free to use it.Thank God #buhari is alive to witness this history because everything is the same."
Biko, what's the history? Anyone get what this is about?

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