Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Artists: 7 Things To Look Out For In A Record Deal!

1.What type of deal is it?
Is it a license or outright assignment of your commercial rights to the recordings. Is it strictly about record sales or a 360 deal? 😒

2.For how long?
You absolutely must know the number of years the contract will last and what options are available to you at its expiration. The shorter the term the better for the artiste 😁

3. How many albums?
It is vital to know how many albums you are expected to record within the duration. Sometimes it is possible to negotiate guaranteed releases on the first two or even three albums. It is in the artist’s interest to have as few options in the agreement as possible.😌

4. Who covers the expenses?
Never assume the record label will pay for studio sessions,video shoots and promotion. Make sure its spelt out clearly and that there's a timetable for these activities or you might be sitting on a very looooong thing! 😓

5. What is the sharing formular?
Don't be bamboozled by the free car, free accommodation and advance you are been offered. It will all be recouped from the money the label makes off you. Insist on knowing the royalty rates payable by the Record Label for physical record sales as well as digital downloads, ringback tunes and real tones and for sales as a result of streaming. Also the rates for master re-uses where a recording is synchronised with visual images in a film, TV programme or an advertisement.😇

6.Who has Artistic Control?
If you have certain convictions about your music that might clash with the commercial mindset of the record label,its vital to know the uses of the recordings for which the Record Label needs approval from the artist and also whether or not a recording delivered by the artiste can be rejected as technically or
commercially unacceptable by the Record Label. Also as to whether or not the Record Label or the artist has the final approval over artwork, biographies, photographs and videos etc. 😊

7. What's your escape plan?
This is the most important of all. You must know what your options are if things fall apart. You dont want to be trapped in a record deal with your career on life support while you are ranting away on twitter when a well-defined termination clause would have freed you from READ THE TERMINATION CLAUSE AND UNDERSTAND IT WELL BEFORE YOU SIGN! Shikena! 😎

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