Friday, 26 August 2016

A Dog Named Buhari - By BoomSha

My real name is Bingo and i live at Sango-Otta, Ogun State. My life took a dramatic turn when my owner, Mr Joe Chinakwe decided to give me a new name which just so happened to the name of the President of The Federal Republic of Nigeria as well as the name of the father of one of our neighbours in Otta. 🙇
Truthfully, words could not describe how terrified i was as he wrote the provocative name on my skin and paraded me round the neighborhood for the world to see! I wept for fear that i may not live to see another birthday! 😭

I have had to go into hiding from the moment our angry neighbour and his friends spotted me. Even my fellow dogs jeer and make fun of me since news of my overnight celebrity spread round the neighbourhood. Ive been so miserable! 😢

All i wanted was a decent meal every now and then and a place to lay my head..not all this notoriety and controversy that has now dogged my every step..(no pun intended).
You can tell from from my picture that i have not being feeding well. My master will rather give me a presidential name than a presidential meal! Smh.. Such love! 😏

Dear, Mr President, i beg you to pls epp my matter by adopting me as the official mascot for your administration. Since my master professes to love you so much, im sure he will not be opposed to me joining the other dogs in Aso Rock. 😊

Thank you, Sir!
Yours Faithfully,
(Formerly known as Buhari)

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