Uniport Killing : Villagers Flee Aluu For Fear Of Arrests

Just the the adage that says Nobody want to die but they want to go heaven. While some people could not even watch the video, here the villagers watch on as the students were being murdered in cold blood.

Following the cries from members of the public that all those involved in the unjust killings of four Uniport students, Omuokiri village in Aluu Clan, where the students were murdered is now a graveyard, as residents are fleeing the area for fear of being arrested by security agents.
According to Daily Sun, a visit to the area, which was about three kilometres to the University of Port Harcourt, portrayed an image of a tension-soaked environment. Most people had fled their homes, while the few others, who were still hanging around, kept safe distance from strange faces. Others quickly locked their doors as soon as they sighted strangers, to avoid arrest, as according to them, it was difficult to distinguish between civilians and the security men in mufti.
Some of them who had spoke to the newspaper recounted how security agents stormed the community and arrested people indiscriminately, and still warming up to come for more arrests. One of the residents, who spoke to Daily Sun on the condition of anonymity, condemned the mass arrest of residents of the community by the security agents.
It is also believed that another reason that made residents to desert the community was the fear of possible reprisal attack from the students of the University of Port Harcourt. But the President of the Student Union, Maxwell Soye Nyamabo, allayed the fear. Speaking to Daily Sun, he said that the students had been told to remain calm and allow security agencies to do their duties. He also added that the Student Union Week, which was billed to start yesterday, had been suspended indefinitely. "Injury to one, is injury to all, we have suspended the Students Union Week, to mourn our colleagues," Nyamabo said. Meanwhile, the authorities of the University of Port Harcourt had declared seven-day mourning for the murdered students

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