Friday, 23 June 2017

“Our life experience sometimes kills our innocence” – Peter Okoye’s wife, Lola Omotayo

Peter Okoye's wife
Sharing an epic throwback photo of herself, Peter Okoye’s wife, Lola Omotayo is advocating for self love. According to her, our life experience sometimes kills our innocence.

She wrote;

“#tbt many many years ago when skinny wasn’t considered sexy and I was called a toothpick…when full eyebrows were in as it is now but we have to pencil them in cause they stopped growing due to all the shaping and reshaping as we followed the trend. Growth and maturity sometimes kills our genetic inner beauty; that which makes us unique. Our life experience sometimes kills our innocence, but notwithstanding, we must continue to soldier on. We are all unique with or without our flaws. God created just one of me and one of you. So with that being said, I embrace the me of today and so should you. #circamanyyearsago #lollipop #unidays
#bighair #boldlips #thankful #tb
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Mother raises alarm over the abduction of her 2 children by policemen in River State (Photos)

Nigerian mother
A Nigerian mother, Jane Tubotamuno Kayode has raised alarm over the abduction of her 2 children, Emijuwon and Asiwaju by some policemen on their way to school in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

According to her, the incident happened on 15th June, and since then nothing has been heard of her kids. She wrote;


This incident occured on the 15th of june 2017 at Ozuboko Estate, Abuloma, Port Harcourt. When some police men numbering about 10 to 15 attacked me and took custody of my two children EMIJUWON eight (8) years old and ASIWAJU KAYODE ten (10) years old.
This incident happened about 6:30am on the said date as i was taken my kids to school, i saw this police van with police men inside the van just two blocks from my house. I drove past them in the taxi i hired for that day, only to be double crossed by another two cars make the police cars three (two police van and one unpainted car) and i tried to make a call and one of the officers seized my phone and threatened to shoot me if i try to raise alarm in the estate and nothing will happen.
Straight they pointed a gun an me and tried to forcefully take out of the car but I refused to come out or release my kids. The police men molested the driver of the car and asked him to come down which he obeyed and from there a police office took over the steering and drove the car to SCID rivers state police command.
It was at this point i was over powered and my two children soaked in their own tears were dragged and taken away from me and transferred into a waiting tinted Sienna Car, and immediately the car started leaving.
I tried to shout, but was threatened by these armed police men who then pushed me into another police van, and drove me to the police office mess, where i meet one MR Abua (O/C Legal of SCID) who in front of me gave a command “YOU CAN LEAVE NOW” when i confronted him whats was happening he told me that my kids were coming back even as the car was driving out of the officers mess.
In shock i ran after the tinted sianna car to see who was inside, but couldn’t as the car drove off at top speed, and that was the last time i saw my kids.
Mean while these whole operation lasted between 6:30am and 8:00am and we never entered any office to document anything neither did any of the police officers identify their self to me except the O/C Legal who i later discovered was Mr Abua.
This is seven days down and no useful information has been given to me by the police concerning the children they too custody of.
I am using the medium to call on all Nigerians to ask the police to provide the state and condition of my two children.
thank, while wee keep sharing and seeking help to unravel the mystery surrounding the taking away of my two children by the police.
Anybody with a clue on the where about of my children should please call me directly on 08099573506
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Rita Dominic, Uche Jombo, Ini Edo and Chioma Chukwuka reunite (Photos)

Nollywood Veterans, Rita Dominic, Uche Jombo, Ini Edo and Chioma Chukwuka reunited yesterday when they met at the cinema. According to Rita Dominic, it’s been quite a while she saw them all.

She wrote;

“So I ran into these beauties at the cinema yesterday and it was screaming galore! Good screaming by the way  hadn’t seen them in quite a while.. Brought back great memories .. VIVA NOLLYWOOD! we’ve indeed all come a long way and I’m so proud of everyone in this photo

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‘Most married Nollywood actresses are arrogant and unfaithful to their spouses’ – Nollywood actress, Sapphire Ogodo

Sapphire Ogodo
Nollywood actress and producer, Sapphire Ogodo, has aired her views on why celebrity marriages are crumbling like a pack of cookies.
In an interview with TheSun, the star actress of ‘Church Prostitute’, said most of her married colleagues are arrogant and unfaithful to their spouses.

“Most of these celebrities never wanted marriage, they just wanted to try and see if the society would accept them. When they are with their spouses, they would keep other men in different places to satisfy themselves.

“They are always with one Senator or the other, or attending one society party or the other. After seeing and mingling with all those big men, they get home and their husband says one thing, they respond with one thousand things because they are not seeing the sexiness in him again. We need to retrace our steps,” she says.
The mother of two also delved into the trending issue of domestic violence, which has become the major grounds of celebrities’ troubled marriages.
“Women should generally learn how to be submissive to their husbands. The feminist and ego raves have taken over the industry. Every woman wants to be a man and be in charge.
“Your husband raises his hand on you, for nothing? No! He can’t. He is not a beast. Tell us, what did you do? Already you are an actress, so your husband always have it in mind that you have tendencies to cheat, so he is always on the lookout. So, you have to be careful,” Ogodo stresses.
Meanwhile, the actress has unveiled plans to kick off a reality TV show, ‘Actors Unleashed,’ to harness immense talent for Nollywood
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Harrysong welcomes a set of twins with an Abuja-based businesswoman

Music star, Harrysong’s baby mama has delivered a set of twins in far Away America, e-Nigeria reports.
The twins, a boy and a girl were delivered at a hospital in Beverly Hills, Carlifonia in May 26, 2017; thankfully both mother and children are safe and sound.

While the baby boy was been christened, “PEREZ” meaning wealth in Ijaw language, the baby girl’s name was adapted from Harrysong’s own name (Tare) and was called “TARELA”, which means love.
Following this developement, the Alterplate boss and music star has joined the league of Nigerian musicians in the baby mama train. Congratulations to him…
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Tributes pour in for female NYSC member who succumbed to pneumonia in Plateau State (Photos)

Emotional tributes have started pouring in for the late Zizy. Rip! 
A Microbiology graduate of Imo State University, Chizzy ‘Zizy’ Mild, deployed to Plateau State for the NYSC program has died of Pneumonia.
According to reports, she recently passed out of Orientation camp and was posted to Jos, the state capital where she passed away. Her body has been taken down to Imo state on Tuesday, June 20th.
She reportedly came down with pneumonia and died immediately. Emotional tributes have started pouring in for the late Zizy. Rip!

Emotional tributes have started pouring in for the late Zizy. Rip! 
Emotional tributes have started pouring in for the late Zizy. Rip! 
Emotional tributes have started pouring in for the late Zizy. Rip! 
Emotional tributes have started pouring in for the late Zizy. Rip! 

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Man who sprays urine on the cucumbers he sells in Owerri caught; See what they did to him

cucumber, Urine
According to Facebook user, Barrister Onwukaike Paschal, a vendor was caught washing the cucumber he sold to the public with Urine somewhere around Federal Housing estate Umuguma Owerri, Imo State.
He was allegedly seen urinating inside a bottle and using it to wash the cucumber he displayed for sale on his wheelbarrow, unknown to him some people were watching – and then the approached him and angrily made him drink the contents.

Onwukaike Paschal Wrote:
‘This man was caught spraying his urine on the cucumber he was selling and was forced by the mob to drink it and also eat the cucumber it took him over 20minutes before he accepted to drink it. Be careful what you buy from these vendors.’

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The Queen of England reported to police for not wearing a seatbelt

The Queen has been reported to the police for not wearing a seatbelt while driving to the State Opening of Parliament(pictured above).West Yorkshire Police confirmed in a tweet someone had called 999 saying the monarch was not strapped in.

The Queen travelled to Westminster alongside Prince Charles to deliver the Queen's Speech.

The law regarding seatbelts says: "

You must wear a seatbelt if one is fitted in the seat you are using."\
Those found flouting the law can be fined £500 for not wearing a seatbelt.However, criminal proceedings cannot be taken against the Queen in UK law and a spokesman said it would not comment on the complaint,Daily Mirror reports.
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Ali Baba reacts to calls to free kidnap kingpin Evans

Veteran comedian and actor,Ali Baba has reacted harshly to calls for billionaire kidnapper,Evans to be freed.He wrote
I said it before, that we got here, where our country now stagnates, as a consequence of what we failed to do, what we allowed and a combination of all we did individually and collectively.
But most assuredly, as a result of letting evils in our society go unpunished. Someone goes into government, owning only a bungalow, comes out after a term in office with several properties, serious balances in their domicilary accounts, several cars... yet there is no way, that official's salaries and allowances can fund all those. And when questions are asked, it's witch hunting. 
How much was your paid tax since you are the owner of all these wealth indicators? How did you make the money? Can you imagine some idiots are asking that a confessed kidnapper be freed? We are not talking petty thieves, who steals food to feed his family. Someone who caused families pain. 

Made the lives of their victims hell. And even got some killed. How do you people sleep at night? I have a friend, a commissioner in Ogun State, whose father in-law was kidnapped, ransom was demanded and paid. Yet, over 5 or 6 years on, the body of the man has not been found. 
Did you see the robbers in the Zenith bank video that went viral? How can you listen to such heartless criminals and say it's ok to forgive. How would the family of the police officer take it? Now you know why corruption is fighting back. All those who have survived through lawlessness and illicit businesses, are the ones fighting back on behalf of corruption. Same goes for so-called unknown soldiers. There is a disagreement, next thing a bunch of soldiers will hop on a vehicle raze down a police station, burn down a BRT bus, shoot and maim... 
And this happens every now and then. Yet no heads roll. That's why they will do it again. Herdsmen enter someone's farmland. Trample on planted crops, an on going business concern. Even schools. No consequences. A legislator opens a colleague's head with a mace. No punishment. Someone kidnaps a sitting governor and brags about it. Nothing happens to him. You embezzle pensions of elders who served Nigeria. And walk free. You burst pipelines. And get Amnesty of 1.3m monthly. What do I know...
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(Photos)Omotola's 2nd daughter graduates from Fashion college,makes President's honour roll

Actress, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde 's second daughter, Meraiah recently graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Los Angeles ,making the President's honour roll. The star actress wrote;
Congrats!!! Mimi for an excellent run in Uni for your Associates of Art degree in Merchandize product development.

we look forward to even more as you proceed for your bachelors of science in Business Management! Amazing! Keep breaking Records , God is with you. Congrats too for making the President's Honor Roll !  Thanks @k3pr for a fantastic job as Aunty of the day! You rock! Thank you lord! Protect her, us and everyone wishing her well. #fashion#beautyandbrain #Bestpublicistever#family #winners #fidm #fidmgraduation@fidm

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