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Mbaka: Priest, Politician Or Renegade? By Reuben Abati

Catholic priests in Nigeria have always captured the public imagination, some of them have served in government positions, some were prominent in the fight and struggle for democracy, some of them have proved their mettle as poets, teachers, musicians, social critics, and public affairs commentators, but Rev. Fr. Ejike Camillus Anthony Ebenezer Mbaka is a cut above the rest, not necessarily in terms of intellect or persona, but in terms of how he has been able to use the pulpit to acquire a rock star status.

It is therefore not surprising that everything about him is with a touch of the histrionic. This is exactly what happened when he was transferred, last week, from a parish where he had served for 20 years: from Christ the King Parish, GRA Enugu, to Our Lady of the Rosary Parish, Umuchigbo, Njinike, Enugu. Characteristically, this radical priest and social activist turned what should be a routine administrative posting by his Bishop into a melodrama and an assault on the authority of the Church. You would think he had been sentenced to a jail term, the way he whined and wept and appealed to sympathy.

“I’m going to suffer because I have no place to put my head. I am going to suffer because I have no place to keep the Adoration Ministry’s assets…The Adoration Ministry is passing through suffering right now even though I’ve accepted that it is the will of God. Is the will of God through suffering? It is a mega suffering. The quantum of the assets of the Adoration Ministry is the only thing I am bothered about for now. Where am I going to keep them? I am going to stay in one small room that has only one small bed, one small table, little toilet and bathroom. So where am I going to keep all the Adoration assets? “ I couldn’t believe that this was a Catholic Priest.

His pain was so palpable. He even took a shot at the Church: “I won’t fight anybody or even dream of battling anybody. If anybody allows the devil to use him, the same that advised you to make a mistake will laugh at you when you cry over the error.” This was a clear suggestion that the devil was using his boss, the Diocesan Bishop of Enugu, His Lordship Calistus Onaga, against him, Mbaka and the Adoration Ministry. Rev Fr. Mbaka further spoke with a touch of vanity about how he single-handedly built the Christ the King Parish, Enugu, with proceeds from the sale of his music albums. This priest is certainly special. He objects to suffering even if the Lord Jesus Christ, whose disciple he is, is the embodiment of sacrifice and suffering. He talks about assets in a capitalistic sense, and yet his reputation rests on his commitment to the poor. He finally says he accepts the “suffering”, sounding like a victim.

Mbaka’s melodrama was nothing short of an act of protest and incitement. It didn’t take long before a mob-like group trooped to the GRA, Enugu to help him move his things to the new church where it is said he will be an assistant priest. If his followers had laid their hands on the Diocesan Bishop, only God knows what they would have done to him for allegedly demoting their hero. It also didn’t take long before the spokesperson for the All Progressives Congress (APC), South-East Caucus, Osita Okechukwu issued a statement alleging that Mbaka was being victimized because he is pro-Buhari and pro-APC.

Okechukwu‘s intervention was a needless busybody act. He only stopped short of asking the Diocesan Bishop to reverse himself or get labeled as an enemy of the government of the day. Nor did it take long before the Catholic Church also put its feet down, staing clearly that no priest is above the Church. Mbaka definitely needed that reality check. But he had succeeded in politicizing his transfer and dragging the Catholic Church into mainstream, partisan politics with the Church holding the short end of the stick.
It is perhaps for this reason that the Catholic Bishop of Abuja Metropolitan See, Cardinal John Onaiyekan once asked that Rev. Fr. Mbaka should be sanctioned. He actually accused him of talking “rubbish” when he openly condemned President Goodluck Jonathan and insisted that the electorate should vote for Muhammadu Buhari, then Presidential candidate of the APC, who according to him, was destined to win the 2015 Presidential election.
“I do not believe in my mind that the way things are in Nigeria, any Catholic priest has the mandate to decide which of the political contestants should be voted for… I don’t believe a priest should be doing that...If he was in my archdiocese, I will have sanctioned him long ago for the kind of utterances he makes.” Archbishop Ignatius Kaigama. President of the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria (CBCN), also similarly disowned him. Even with those protestations, Mbaka remained untouchable. He is on record as having declared in a secessionist mood, for example, that the sovereignty of Nigeria is not sacrosanct. “If we must be one Nigeria, let it be one Nigeria, but if it can’t be one Nigeria, let us divide…let us tell ourselves the truth.” He has also since the 2015 elections, made a high profile visit to the Presidential Villa to see President Buhari. He was actually shown arriving in a private jet, waving to the crowd as if he was on a Papal visit to the seat of power! How did one priest, out of over 30 million Nigerian Catholics, become so powerful and untouchable?

Rev Fr. Mbaka’s seeming invincibility lies in his significance and relevance. His Ministry is a loud comment on the relationship between the Church and the congregation. Mbaka is the founder and Spiritual Director of a Ministry within the Catholic Church known as Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria (AMEN). Gifted, creative and clever; he is without any doubt a liberation theologian. He runs a prophetic church, a church that believes strongly in the power of the Eucharist, and which in every sense is a church of the poor. His source of inspiration must be those liberation theologians and other radical priests who have proven that for the church to be relevant, it must be relevant to the interests, concerns and expectations of the congregation, particularly the underprivileged poor.

More than any other catholic priest in Nigeria, Mbaka has taken the Catholic Church beyond the confines of liberal conservatism to the ordinary man in the market place. He speaks the poor man’s language, he appeals to their imagination. He is the bridge between the Pentecostal churches and the Catholic Church in Nigeria. He has mastered the tricks, the rhetoric, the antics and the persona of the former, and he applies this with a touch of sassiness that is original. He urges members of his ministry to “Pray Until Something Happens” (PUSH). In an overtly religious and superstitious country like Nigeria, there is never a shortage of persons who are ready to push until the impossible happens.

He organizes vigils titled “E no dey again”. That is precisely what the people want to hear. They want to hear that problems, disease, unemployment- “e no dey again!”. Mbaka also has a Foundation, the Multi-Life Savers Foundation. Note the emphasis on the saving of lives! He pays hospital bills, he gives out cars, he builds houses for people, he pays school fees, he sponsors events. He sings. He dances. He is not your typical Catholic priest. He is rich. He talks about assets. Other priests go to him for financial assistance. He is an all-round entrepreneur in church garments. His Ministry performs miracles, signs and wonders. He makes the lame walk, he opens the eyes of the blind, he cures diseases; he spreads wealth and opportunities. He creates jobs. He provides hope. With all this, Fr. Mbaka is far ahead of his bosses within the Catholic hierarchy. Persons of other faiths and Christian denominations troop to his Ministry to seek spiritual counseling. Politicians seek his endorsement. He controls the mind of multitudes. The Catholic Church is probably in need of reinvention, and the seeds of that process may well lie in the example and eclecticism of Mbaka and his likes in other parts of the Catholic world.

The plain truth is that the average church-goer today is looking for something different which the orthodox churches and their mode of worship do not offer. The poor who make up the congregation are as impatient as the politicians who have made them poor. They want immediate salvation, practical solutions to their problems; they want their blessings here and now, not in a world to come. Mbaka and the Pentecostal pastors understand this and so they bring the church closer to the people’s needs. But there is a flipside and it is hubris.

Hubris is risky and pernicious. It is what makes Fr. Mbaka appear so contradictory. It is what has distanced him from his original vows as a priest, making him talk of cash and assets as if he were an investor on Broad Street. It is what makes him complain of suffering and see his transfer as a punishment, rather than as an opportunity for further evangelism of The Word. He must have started out as a humble priest, but today, he has mastered the use of the media for self-projection and he is not contented with being a priest, he is now enjoying the life of a celebrity, hugging the limelight, seeking personal glory.
He runs a ministry of miracles, of wonders and signs and he sees visions of possible assassinations, either of himself or the politicians that he supports. No one should be surprised if this Pentecostal Catholic priest goes about with bodyguards. He shares this hubris with many other religious figures who seek to share power with politicians and co-govern Nigeria. They see visions about everything: from elections to diseases and foreign exchange rates. They have created a New Order under which they command the electorate, political parties and governments.

It is this hubris that has blinded Fr. Mbaka to the fact that the souls to be won for Christ are not only in GRA, Enugu, but in all places as well. His transfer to a smaller parish should remind him of the essence of his priestly vows: humility, simplicity, obedience, sacrifice, as well as commitment to the good of the church rather than individual heroism, values which can truly make him a priest in the Order of Melchizedek. Let him therefore, suffer if he must, and let his suffering be a blessing upon the poor and the Church, and if he as much as whimpers again, let him be posted post-haste to Sambisa forest, where the poor are in urgent need of miracles.
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Tanzanian girl stripped, beaten by Indian mob(Photo)

Her burnt car
A 21 year old Tanzanian student has accused a mob of stripping her and forcing her to walk “without her top” on the street in Bengaluru on the night of January 31.
The alleged incident took place following a road accident earlier in the day, when a car driven by a Sudanese medical student hit a local resident, 35-year-old Sabeen Taj, who died in the accident, while her husband Sanuallah sustained injuries.

According to the woman’s complaint, a mob gathered that night and set on fire the Sudanese student’s car, as well as a car in which the Tanzanian student was travelling. She alleged in her statement that “her top was removed” by the mob, police said.
We are now scared of every Indian around us after what happened to me," the 21-year-old student of a city college told mediapersons at Sapthagiri Hospital, where she was taken for a medical test by police.
The girl's nightmare unfolded around 7.30pm on Sunday when she and her three Tanzanian friends were going in a car in Ganapathinagar, off Hesaraghatta Main Road. Almost 2km away and about 30 minutes hour earlier, a car driven by a Sudanese student had run over Shabana Taj, 35, who had been walking with her husband, electrical contractor Sanaullah.
A mob allegedly comprising locals, who were rioting following the accident, stopped the girl's car. "We got out of the car and there were many people around. There was a policeman standing nearby and I asked him what had happened. He said nothing. A friends rushed to me and asked me not to walk around. By then, the mob started hitting him," she said.
"They pushed me around and hit me. I was wearing a T-shirt. They tugged at it and tore it, leaving me literally without anything. They continued to thrash us and we ran for our lives. My friends and I hopped onto a bus. The driver didn't move and the other passengers threw us out. We were at the mob's mercy. A passerby who offered me a T-shirt was also attacked. They thrashed us again till we took shelter near some shops," she said.
As they made their way to Sapthagiri Hospital, the mob chased them. Even at the hospital, the mob allegedly threatened to storm the hospital if the Africans were not sent out.
External affairs minister Sushma Swaraj took note of the incident and tweeted, 
"We are deeply pained over the shameful incident with a Tanzanian girl in Bengaluru."
She asked the state government to ensure the safety and security of all foreign students.
Culled from Indian Times
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Tania Omotayo shares first photo since Wizkid's second babymama saga

Tania Omotayo is back on social media,following the birth of Wizkid's second son.She shared a photo today and she looks all happy.

Meanwhile,his second babymama from Guinea, Binta Diamond Diallo just shared a photo of her bare bump at 25 weeks pregnant..She called that moment the greatest feeling ever..See below

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Friend of Ibadan lawyer who stabbed husband to death defends her

A female lawyer, Yewande Oyediran, who allegedly stabbed her husband, Lowo Oyediran, to death early Tuesday morning in their Akobo residence, is still being held by the police at Iyaganku station, Ibadan, for further investigations.

According to the Nigerian Tribune,a  source, trying to defend the suspect, stated that Yewande told her that her husband, after the initial settlement of the brawl between them by their landlord, allegedly woke her up from sleep by hitting her with a plank.
The suspect was said to have confirmed that she stabbed her husband with a pair of scissors during the first fight to get him off her when he was beating her, but said she was not the one who took the knife to stab him.
She was reported to have been shocked that her husband could attack her later, even after the intervention of the landlord.

The husband, the source said, threatened to attack her with a knife, after pinning her to a car within the compound.
“Yewande said when she saw that her husband meant business, she made effort to push him off and immediately ran towards their landlord’s apartment shouting for help.
“Lowo, who was running after his wife, collapsed at the entrance to the landlord’s apartment, which was where the landlord met him when he rushed out after hearing the noise,” the friend said.
A source confirmed to the Nigerian Tribune that the landlord told the police at Akobo police station that his efforts to know the cause of the fight between the couple during his first intervention failed, as Mrs Oyediran told him: “Daddy, you can’t understand.”

He also reportedly confirmed that it was a shout of “Baba, help!” that woke him up the second time.
The marriage would have been three years old on February 9.
Some of her colleagues, who spoke with the Nigerian Tribune, described her as a very quiet, easy going lady who had never exhibited any trait of anger or aggression, expressing sadness that it was such a person that was being linked with murder.
“Yewande is someone who can’t hurt a fly; she must have bottled up a lot of things that she refused to share with anyone,” one of her colleagues stated.
Following the development, the family of the deceased in Gbongan, Osun State, had been thrown into mourning.
When the Nigerian Tribune visited the family house of the deceased on Thursday, many of the family members and relations were seen morning the gruesome killing of Lowo.
Some of them, mostly women were seen shedding tears and rolling on the floor, describing the death as a big loss to the family.
The elder brother of the deceased, identified as Mr Adewale Adelani Oyediran, said 
“we are devastated by the death of Lowo. I was confounded because I could not imagine that Lowo that I spoke with about five days ago could have have his life snuffed out just like that in his prime.“Lowo was everything to the family. He is the bridge between old and the new. He binds everybody together in the family. He is the comforter. I sponsored him throughout his educational programme in the university.“It is pathetic that I am not going to see Lowo again. Lowo used to tell us that he knew that we don’t have money in our family. He said that if God spares his life, he would put smile in the face of everybody in the family.”
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Photo: Checkout Amber Rose at 12

Amber shared this adorable childhood photo this morning. She was so cute and hasn't really changed much..Maybe the teeth has!
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Ini Edo steps out in Camouflage pants and sneakers

The actress was looking ready for ''style war' in this outfit ..Didn't the army ban civilians from rocking camouflage outfits ? Anyway,she is Ini Edo! 
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Photo: Chika Ike re-rocks dress she wore in 2013

How many of us can rock a dress we wore three years agoand still look banging in it? Chilka Ike just did..On the left is 2013,the right in 2016..
She asked which looks better..I choose 2013 but to give her credit,she looks amazing  and fit now.
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Tee Billz' sweet birthday message to Tiwa Savage as she turns 36

 The proud husband marked his wife, Tiwa Savage's birthday today with a sweet and short message "Our love story is my favorite out of all.."
Happy birthday to her..
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Move over Lady Gaga! Toyin Aimakhu unrecognisable in blonde wig

 The actress decided to switch up her look today with a blonde wig..Nice dress! Another below

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I'd rather die than suffer in Nigeria-Europe-bound stowaway (Photo)

Three Nigerians who attempted to stowaway in a Europe-bound Merchant Vessel have been arrested by the Nigerian Navy Ship (NNS) BEECROFT operatives.
Okechukwu Obi, 17, Joseph Tunji, 29, and Ismaila Olaniyi, 28, who were caught onboard MT TORM MARINS, were yesterday handed over to the police.
They were said to have boarded the vessel through the rudder trunk and accessed the manhole when the ship berthed at the National Oil Jetty (NOJ), Apapa, to discharge petroleum products.
Handing them over to the police, Commander, NNS BEECROFT, Commodore Abraham Adaji said

“This would be the third time Obi would be arrested by naval operatives from BEECROFT. He was arrested in December but because the ship he illegally boarded had concluded her transaction in Nigeria and was about leaving, there wasn’t sufficient evidence to prosecute him and so, he was warned and released.

“Surprisingly, two weeks after that incident he was arrested again. During our investigation, it was discovered that this would be the third time he has been arrested while trying to travel onboard a ship illegally.
“We are appealing to the police to diligently prosecute the suspects as their actions show that they would do all within their means to board another ship illegally.
“They may not be so lucky next time  as the ship’s crew might throw them overboard for fishes to eat while at sea”.
But the suspects seemed undeterred in their quest to travel abroad as they told The Nation that they must leave Nigeria.
Obi, who was paraded last year by the Navy and handed over to the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) with seven others, said he would rather die trying than continue to suffer in Nigeria.
“If God says I should die, then I die. All those people that were arrested with me last year have all travelled. All of them are in Brazil and they are always calling me.
“I must make it because I am tired of this life. Anytime you go out to look for job, they will ask you to go and bring surety. Where will I get surety? I only have my grandmother who is in the village in Imo State.
“I went to learn how to repair generator and I was told to bring surety. I don’t have a house. I sleep inside bus where I work as conductor and get N500 or N700 daily. How will I survive?
“I have made up my mind that I must go to Brazil like my friends. We bought two bags of pure water, Gala and garri that were supposed to last us 20 days on the journey. But we have finished them here. I will keep trying until I succeed,” he said.
Olaniyi who claimed his father is a retired soldier, said he was fed up with the hardship in Nigeria, adding that police usually clamped down on them because they have nothing doing.
“I used to work as a labourer at Ogombo in Ajah, but now, there is no job. I am from Ondo state. I am a street boy, but I am not a criminal. And it is because I do not want to become a criminal that I want to go out there and hustle,” he said.
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Adorable! Toke Makinwa cuddles Tiwa Savage's son (Photo)

The media personality says she can't get over how cute Tiwa Savags son,Jamil is .They mother and son were at Toke's office today..
The genuine look in her eyes..She would make a beautiful mum!
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Strong Woman! Mercy Johnson clears the snow off her car (Photos)

The actress is mother of three clearing off the snow which covered her car in the US..
What a man can do, a woman can sure do better...
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Who would you run to for help? (See options)

Lol I know none of you are thieves but just for fun,who would you go to? I would have said 2,but I choose 4 ..Pete Edochie would sure get the job done lol.
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My type of men used to be flashy,fake,broke asses-Tonto Dikeh

Tonto Dikeh shared this photo with a honest caption on why most times, we should ignore looking for ''our type'' and settle with those who truly love us.She wrote

 This is so profound!I know most of us have a type.However,some of us may final realize our type is full of SHET! We've got to stop being so superficial.The king or Queen you've been praying about may be wrapped in unfamiliar decoration.Open your eyes and be Open minded so you may not miss your gift...They may very well be in your presence.. #Majorkey #Mytype use to be FLASHY and they always came with these package (Lies,broke asses,Fraudsters,Fake,And always making me do the spending)•••
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Halima Abubakar dazzles in Indian inspired photoshoot

 The actress rocked an Indian inspired look for a recent photoshoot.See more below

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Rita Dominic fab in blue for movie screening (Photos)

The fabulous actress looked chic for the private screening of movie,76 yesterday..See another below

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Meek Mill sentenced to 90 days under house arrest

Meek Mill has been sentenced to at least 90 days on house arrest with an ankle monitor,He is also  not allowed to work,or release any music . He can only do charitable work for the community.His sentence is for parole violations prosecutors link to his romance with girlfriend Nicki Minaj.

Prosecutors said the violations include Mill's unapproved travels to New York for a benefit concert and his efforts to join Minaj in various cities.

The judge will reevaluate after 90 days to determine how much longer he'll remain under house arrest.
Meek had been on probation for a 2009 drug and gun conviction when he skipped town for the AMAs in November without getting written permission from his probation officer. He also failed a pee test.
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Photo: Ladies And Gents, Would You Allow Your Sister Leave The House Dressed Like This?

This is a picture of a Ghanaian teenager, but it could as well be Nigerian youth because morals know no ethnicity

Where are her parents??

Folks, would you allow your sister leave the house dressed like this?

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Once Again, Teens Share Nude Photo Of After Sex Bath Online


This photo of two teens  about to have a bath before/after a romp has surfaced online. I really cannot understand why these kind of photos are shared online, or the fact that the people involved are so young. The internet never forgets....

See the photo after the cut

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Female Corp Member Reportedly Gets Pregnant For JSS 2 Male Student

So from what I can gather, this incident happened in a secondary school in Osun state, and there are speculations that the corp member couldn't have done it with 'clear eye'. They say she must have been 'jazzed',

Read below

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Billionaire Daughter Abimbola Fernandez Admits She's A Lesbian

Being into a gay relationship is officially illegal and banned in the Federal Republic of Nigeria where it is considered a crime and punishable with 14 years in jail. But this has not stopped the daughter of the late Nigerian billionaire, Abimbola Fernandez from taking the bold step of announcing her status on social media.

On the 4th of February, 2016, Abimbola Fernandez took to the social media to confess to her being into a lesbian relationship encouraging the LGBTQ community to fly its flag.

According to reports, her lesbian lifestyle was a source of worry for her late father, the late billionaire Antionio Fernandez.

Abimbola is known to many Nigerians as an aspiring musician but her relationship with her father was below stellar and far from impressive. In the snapshot below, she is seen complaining bitterly about him and calling her father ’90 and miserable’:

The late Fernandez stood firmly against any homosexual relationship in his family and his daughter is now trying to paint another picture is against all he stood for. At no time did he approve of, or accept the daughter’s lesbianism.

According to reports, Abimbola insisted she loved her partner and planned to marry her by the time she turned 30. See snapshots below.

Before the late Fernandez passed on, he got to know of Abimbola’s lesbianism. This was how a family member present at the heart-rendering moment put it:

‘Chief got to know of Abimbola’s lesbian partner but only a few weeks to his death. He cursed her and said to us there never to mention her name in his presence again. He cried so hard. It was a distraught time for us all. ‘

culled from Abiyamo
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Angry Students Allegedly Burn Down Departmental Building In Ambrose Ali University After Mass Failure (Photo)

Aggrieved students of the Ambrose Ali University (AAU), Ekpoma in Edo state -allegedly burnt down a departmental building to register their displeasure after their results were released and they found out they had failed massively.

Below is what a witness posted:

    "This is a burning office in AAU Ambrose Ali University. It happened today around 1 am. This isn't the first time this is happening. And it always happen wen results are out. The students felt the lecturers gave them bad result on purpose. And they burnt the whole department building with everything in it. The departments involved are civil engineering and philosophy. Microbiology and education were also burnt to the ground."
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See What A Twitter User Posted That Made Ben Bruce Ask Nigerian Parents To Train Their Children Well

Senator of common sense. senator Ben Murray-Bruce is in mourning over the loss of a dear friend, Maurice White, the founding member of the hugely successful American music group Earth, Wind and Fire. Mr White died in his sleep on Wednesday at the age of  74.

But i guess some people are not sensitive to people's feelings as long as you are a Nigerian politician.

After what he used his eyes to see on Twitter yesterday, Ben Bruce was forced to ask Nigerian parents to train their children well so that they won't display lack of home training on social media

 He had posted this:

And this is what a twitter follower posted in response

Smh indeed.
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Photos: Checkout The Hilarious Way This Thieving Monkey Was 'Publicly Humiliated'

The captured monkey, its arms tied tightly behind its back, sits crouched over in a Mumbai residential colony trying with its teeth to untie the cord bound around its ankles.

But this primate -- caught just moments ago by a professional monkey catcher in India's commercial capital -- isn't going anywhere for a while, other than straight into a cage.

The wild macaque was caged after locals said it had been causing a nuisance for more than six months, including stealing food and tearing up pillows that were on sale in one of the colony's shops.

It was one of three or four monkeys to have been tearing around the community in the western city's Sion area and residents recently complained to a local municipal councillor about the unwelcome guests.

Monkeys, who are revered in Hindu-majority India, often trash gardens, offices, residential rooftops and even attack people viciously for food -- but are rarely subjected to such public humiliation.

When locals spotted one of the primates on Friday morning they called a monkey catcher who hot-footed it to the housing block and laid a trap with fruit.

Local residents gathered round and cheered as bandages were tied around the macaque's wrists and elbows and a rope was put around its neck.

At one point a passerby patted it on the forehead, only for the monkey to hiss aggressively before showing him a full set of sharp teeth.

Later the shackles were removed from the monkey and it was placed in the cage, where it ate grapes and looked forlornly at the crowd of staring onlookers.

The monkey is now set for a new life in the countryside north of Mumbai.

"We will make sure it's fit and when it is we will release him on the outskirts of Thane," an official in the Maharashtra state forest department told AFP.

 He is lucky this isn't Nigeria. He would have been turned to peppersoup
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