Saturday, 13 February 2016

See How This Mentally Unstable Man Is Preparing For Valentine's Day With His Heartthrob. (Photo)

This is how this mentally unstable man is anticipating for the Valentine's day which is tomorrow. He was even seen holding a hammer to scare off guys that are probably hunting down his sweetheart. Enjoy man. This picture has gone viral since it was shared online.
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Graphic Photo Of Two Boys Killed By Boko Haram Suicide Bombers In Cameroon

Two boys who were injured in two suicide attacks perpetrated by Boko Haram bombers during a funeral ceremony in Nguetchewe in Cameroon's far north region on Wednesday -have died due to serious injuries. The boys were evacuated from a hospital in Koza area, and transferred to the regional hospital of Maroua ( as pictured above) -where they died on Thursday. At least eight people-have-been killed and 30 others were injured in the suicide attacks.

Now fresh reports have it that the parents have been asked to come and collect the corpses which they can't afford due to financial challenges. The distress parents are calling on the Cameroonian government to come to their aid.
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Read The Remarks By President Buhari On The 40th Anniversary On The Death Of Murtala Muhammad

On the 13th of February 1976, Nigeria suffered a grievous blow with the assassination of Murtala Muhammad in a failed coup d’├ętat. The country mourned, and rightly so, because Murtala had been on his way to putting Nigeria back to the path of order and discipline, after years of drift, corruption and near despair. It would not be over-stating the case to say that Nigeria lost its newly-found momentum with Murtala’s demise.

2.General Murtala’s story has been told over and over again in the last forty years. So I will not repeat what has been related many times before. Suffice to say that his mother brought him up, and, through her efforts, paid expenses for his education and general welfare. In turn, Murtala repaid her by his exemplary performance in school, in military training, in war, in peace and in government.

3.What was Murtala like as a man? Although he was much more senior to me in the Army, I developed a great liking and respect for him on account of his professional excellence, competence, straightforwardness and genuine interest and concern for up-and-coming officers like myself. Of course, no one is without flaws. He was a man in a hurry, and sometimes this could make him appear abrupt or even moody. But what he could not tolerate was incompetence and idleness.

4.By the time Murtala was given Command during the Civil War, the Federal side was on the defensive. The rebels had over-ran the then Mid-West, and reached as far as Ore, just 100 miles from Lagos. By dint of sheer bravery, improvisation and resourcefulness, he mustered a rag-tag group of soldiers, integrated them into an entirely new division, knocked them into fighting shape, recovered Mid-West and ventured across the Niger. Alas, there were terrible casualties on both sides.

5.But Murtala’s motto was to get the job done as quickly as possible; sacrifice and loss were part of the risks of war. Relations between Murtala and some other senior officers were not always easy. But no one could doubt his inspirational qualities or call into question his love and dedication in the service of Nigeria.

6.On assuming the role of Head of State in 1975, Murtala set out with a single-minded determination seldom seen in Nigerian leadership. Decisions were on fast-track. Two major developments are prominent among his legacies: the move of the capital to Abuja from Lagos; and the creation of seven new States to make 19. The shadow of his death still somewhat hangs over Nigeria.

Mr Chairman,
 Your Excellencies,
7.We are here to honour a national hero and patriot, not to mourn him, and to take a few lessons from his achievements:
i. His love for Nigeria and Nigerians, from wherever they came;
ii. His intense professionalism;
iii. His impatience with incompetence and lack of patriotism
iiii. His loyalty to friends and colleagues.

8.His life, short though it proved to be, was marked by an extraordinary passion, energy and determination to do better, and to make Nigeria better. These are values that young and old alike should all remember – and celebrate.
Thank you very much.
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Nigerian Troops Record More Progress In The Battle Against Boko Haram. (Photos)

The Nigerian Army troops in the various sectors of the fight against terrorism and insurgency in the north east are making tremendous progress. On Friday, a patrol team from 5 Brigade, traversing Dogon Gida and New Marte stepped on an undetected Improvised Explosive Device (IED) buried by suspected Boko Haram terrorists. Unfortunately, 4 soldiers sustained various degrees of injuries and their vehicle was badly damaged. The wounded soldiers have since been evacuated by Nigeria Air Force.

Similarly, to further buttress the collective resolve in the fight against Boko Haram terrorists between Nigeria and our neighbouring countries, troops of 25 and 26 Task Force Brigades in conjunction with Cameroonian forces carried out clearance operation against the Boko Haram terrorists around Ngoshe village.  

While the Cameroonian troops carried out the clearance, their Nigerian counterparts provided blocking forces at strategic points where they decisively dealt with fleeing terrorists that tried to escape. Consequently, troops of 121 Task Force Battalion also advanced to Mararraba, Angwan Fada, Dale, Wizha, Bokko Timit, Bokko Nasanu, Bokko Hide, up to Ngoshe village where they linked up with the Cameroonians. 

During the operations all Boko Haram terrorists enclaves within the area were cleared. In the process, the troops killed 10 Boko Haram terrorists and also rescued 45 persons which included 17 women and 28 children. The troops also discovered that the terrorists cratered the road linking Pulka, Mararraba and Ngoshe and safely detonated 5 IEDs buried by the terrorists. In addition, they also destroyed an IED manufacturing workshop in the village. They also cleared Sino village.

The Cameroonian forces have also knocked out Boko Haram terrorists gun trucks, raided and cleared several IED making factories along the border towns.

Colonel Sani Kukasheka Usman
Acting Director Army Public Relations
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Photo-News; President Buhari At The Murtala Mohammed's 40TH Memorial Lecture In Abuja

President Muhammdu Buhari attends the Murtala Mohammed 40TH Memorial Lecture at the Transcorps Hilton Abuja earlier today.

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Adele covers new issue of Vogue Magazine

Photographed by Annie Leibovitz. See more photos after the cut...

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Billionaire daughter, Adama Indimi, stuns in new photos

Adama stunning in a jumpsuit by Toju Foyeh. Beautiful woman.
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See how a female fan of Flavour reacted to his presence on stage

Hilarious! Singer Flavour just shared this funny photo of his fan's reaction during his stage performance
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Photo: Gay wedding disrupted in Abuja

The police in Abuja last Saturday February 6th, disrupted a gay wedding between the two men pictured above. The wedding between Abdul Lawal (right) who is supposed to be the husband and Umar Tahir (left) the wife, was supposed to hold at a popular hotel in Jiwa Community of Abuja, King’s Land Hotel in Abuja. Acting on a tip off, the police laid siege at the venue of the wedding.

Guests had already started arriving the venue of their wedding which was well decorated and as soon as the bride and groom, both from Kaduna state, arrived the venue, they were immediately arrested and taken to the Gwagwa Police Station where they were detained.

Eyewitnesses say that other people, including the sponsors of the wedding, chairman of the occasion and the owner of the hotel were also arrested during the raid.

The sponsors of the marriage were named as Abubakar Tahir and Mohammed Sani.
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Foluke Daramola legally weds husband, Kayode Salako today (Photos)

Actress Foluke Daramola legally wed her hubby, Kayode Salako at Kosofe Local Government Registry, today Feb. 13th. Her friend/fellow actress, Mojisola Olaiya shared the photos. Congrats to them!

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Ayo Shonaiya writes on 'The Olajumoke Fairytale'

The TV Producer, lawyer and music talent agent shared his opinion on his Facebook page. Read below and tell us what you think...
At the risk of sounding like a hater, I am genuinely nervous as I read and watch this amazing story of a bread seller, who unknowingly strolls into a Tinie Tempah photoshoot, caught the eye of photographer TY Bello, and almost overnight becomes a global talking point. I must say also, that I absolutely love it. This type of story gladdens everyone's heart and serves as inspiration to millions of people that despite your current situation, your good fortune is just round the corner and never lose hope in life.

But, I can't help but look beyond the fairytale and feel a sense of apprehension at the same time. In my line of work, my job is to look where no one else is looking when it comes to negotiating contracts, maximising earning potential for talent, and pretty much protect such talent, and I pray to God there's someone doing that for this girl. I have discovered and developed raw talent in my time, some from unknown status to superstardom. I have met others half way in their progression and developed together, but one thing I've never done is base anything on sentiment or "eeeyah", or "Na only Baba God o..." etc, I am sometimes the one to bring up the unpleasant reality, the reality no one understands until years later. But I always feel it's best to understand the whole picture and be prepared for whatever happens next.

When I saw that this Olajumoke girl couldn't even speak or read English, my first concern was she's going to be bewildered by a lot of things, especially in the fashion and modelling world in Nigeria. Then the sudden fame and spotlight, which often times can confuse 'experienced' talent. There's also the clamour for her time, makeovers, interviews, and of course the good stuff, endorsements, jobs, goodwill offers and donations (I hear she has 2 kids already).

I've seen her take pictures, holding up a Contract (which I hope has been explained to her well as she can't read it), then the makeovers with heavy make up and lipstick (she looks nothing like the sweet girl we all fell in love with). Forgive me I'm not a designer o, seeing her dressed in some shine shine outfits, I start to wonder, firstly I hope she's getting paid well at least, and secondly, most people are only absorbing her story, as most of us don't really know much about characteristics that suggest a great modelling career.

I really do hope and pray that, whatever happens to Olajumoke from now on, she is well protected. The fashion and modelling industry (in Nigeria or anywhere in the world) can be the worst place you wanna be when "they" decide you're no longer happening or trending, or worse, not useful anymore. You wanna bet that some other models are already beefing her already? And another thing, when the same people who are "tapping into her anointing" now, start to write really disgusting and hurtful comments about her (anonymously of course) on blogs because her own is now getting too much, I hope she has a strong support system in the people that really love and care for her. But for now, Olajumoke ride on and God bless you.

Anyway, that's my own. Me too I need to go and sell my proverbial bread in the market.
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Photos From Imo AGN’s candle night for Dede-One-Day

Members of the Actors’ Guild of Nigeria stormed the streets of Owerri last night for the candle night of late comedian turned actor, Peter Onwuzurike Onyehidelam popularly known as Dede One Day.

Held at Imo Freedom Square in Owerri, the candle night was hosted by the Imo state chapter of the Actors’ Guild of Nigeria. It witnessed the presence of top Nollywood acts like Nkem Owoh, John Okafor-Mr. Ibu, Charles Inojie, Victor Osuagwu, Tom Njemanze, Nneoma Ukpabia,

Iheme Nancy, Dauda, Mc Ash, Saraphina Amechi, Klint D’Drunk and many others. Meanwhile, the burial of the late actor who died of High Blood pressure related issue is holding today in his country home, Umuduruori Umuarusilam Umuagwuru Mbieri, Imo state.

 Photo Credit: Justice Ejims Ojukwu (@FunCodeMedia)
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Photos: Nigerian woman gives birth to triplets in the U.S after six years of trying to conceive

Temitope Alao gave birth to 3-pound triplets at Woodhull Hospital, Brooklyn, New York on Thursday morning, February 11, about eight months into her pregnancy.
The 34yr old new mother who has been trying to conceive for 6 years welcomed a girl, Temiloluwa, and two boys, Oluwafikayomi and Ifeoluwa (baby Ifeoluwa is the only one pictured. They were born prematurely)

In the delivery room was Afolake Alao, 58, a longtime registered nurse at Woodhull Medical Center and the children's grandmother. Afolake Alao said she insisted that her daughter-in-law, who had been trying to conceive for six years, come to the United States for the delivery.
"I knew she would get good care here," she told reporters during a press availability at the hospital Friday.
Her journey to New York involved a 13-hour flight with a layover in Paris.
Temitope Alao made the trip with her own mother, Adejoke Ogunrinde, on Jan. 21.
"I’m so happy," said Temitope Alao, the beaming but groggy new mom.
She said she’s not intimidated by the thought of caring for three infants at once.
"I’ll manage,” she said, adding she was “very active” during her pregnancy.
The only thing left to do for the family is to introduce the babies to their dad for the first time. Temitope’s husband is still Nigeria.
"We are trying to get him here to see the babies," she said.
The family will return to Nigeria when the babies are old enough to travel, they said. Temiloluwa, the girl’s name, means "God belongs to me." The boys names stand for “God has increased my joy” and "God’s love."
Source: New York Daily News
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Possible locations of the kidnapped Chibok girls located - Nigerian Air Force

The Nigerian Air Force says it has located the possible location of the abducted Chibok girls. The Director of Public Relations at the Nigerian Air Force, Group Captain Ayodele Famuyiwa, told Channels TV that the Air Force is abstaining from attacking the area to make sure that the girls are not hit. 

He explained that the latest aerial bombardment of Sambisa forest had been aimed at the logistics base of the Boko Haram sect and not areas where the Chibok girls could be located.
"We have no fears that the girls are not there because that particular location has been under surveillance for quite a while and we suspected maybe its a kind of ammunition depot or maybe a workshop that they are using as their logistics place. Once you take off the logistics base, of course you gradually weaken the resolve of the enemy to be able to prosecute any campaign," he said.
Explaining some of the tactics used by the Air Force to locate the girls, Famuyiwa said:
"The UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) has become a force multiplier for us because its cheaper to run these platforms, you are not putting men there (and) the risk of  losing human beings is greatly reduced. Again the UAVs have the capability to be airborne for up to eleven hours and its quite cheap to maintain. So, we have been able to employ the UAV to a great extent to carry out reconnaissance and surveillance basically for intelligence gathering on the activities of the Boko Haram."
He said that the UAVs have also helped the Air Force to understand the terrorists’ pattern of movement and "how to be able to counter them should they want to strike or spring any surprise".
Source: Channels TV
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Photos From Actor, Dede-One-Week’s Burial Ceremony

Photos From Burial Of Late Actor Dede One Day in Imo State , Celebrities Arrival Tributes From Friends.
Oh death,death,death. If with all acquired and wealth acquired,all famous gathered still this man dede one day died. Then the question should be what then are we killing ourselves for. Its time for us to look unto Jesus he that can save our soul. He’s gone nobody knows where he is going to. Please pals try and make it right with him death is like uncertainty for we know not when the thief comes. Make it right with him. – Genevieve Agu
All road leads to Mberi in Imo State today for the burial ceremony of one of nollywood’s comic actor DEDE ONE DAY…… We will surely miss you. Rest in Peace my fellow colleague till we meet to part no more. Nigerians and everyone outside Nigeria who are your fans will surely miss you.
Rest in Peace Dede One Day. – Akon
dede, one ur no more…I will miss u..all the film,music industry will miss u,even ur fans and family will miss u too…ur a hero,a king and a legend.. I wouldn’t stop calling. but only GOD knw,it happen like this…may ur soul rest in peace.. Amen – Romanus
Dede-One-Day Lying In State In His Mansion In Imo.

Everything have been put in place for burial comedian and actor Peter Onwuzuruike Onyehidelam popularly known as Dede OneDAY, the burial procedure kick start with a christian wake keep at his home on Friday 12th of February, while the burial proper will take place on 13th Feb.
In his home town UMUARUSILAM UMUAGWURU IN OBI MBIERI Autonomous community mbaitoli LGA of Imo State by the Eternal Sacred Order of the Cherubim and Seraphim.
The late actor/comedian is survived by his wife and children.
Wat a sad news
Dede one day just build this house and about to do the opening ceremony on December 24th but death took him away in 19 days to the opening ceremony
Now he is no longer alive to enjoy his mansion
May God help us to reap the fruit of our labour

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