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Twin Expecting Twins? Paul Okoye of P-Square Reportedly Expecting a Set of Twins with His Wife

Paul Okoye of P-Square and his wife, Anita are reportedly expecting a set of twins in the next couple of months.
Anita, Andre and Paul
Nigerian singer, Paul Okoye who is one-half of the P-Square music duo, and his wife, Anita who have a 4-year-old son named Andre are allegedly expecting  a set of twins very soon.
According to some online reports, the couple who tied the knot 3 years ago, will be welcoming their patter of tiny foots in a couple of months as Anita will deliver them safely in the United States. 
The cute family
Pulse NG who exclusively broke the news online, said; "Insiders tell Pulse that Anita should be four or five months along and will be having her twins in the United States.

"Anita that would usually share full photos of herself on her social media pages has gone quiet since last week. She has also stopped sharing full shots probably hiding her bump from the public."
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To All Social Media Lovers: This is How Facebook and Instagram Kills Your S*x Life

If you are addicted to social media and can't do without visiting it every single day, then know that you may be killing your s*x life.
 Illustrative photo
If you’re struggling with body image, social media may not be the place for you.
According to psychologists, struggling with body image affects an individual’s sexual behaviour, as people in that category may be unable to undress before the opposite s*x and enjoy s*x.
People who have body image issue also have problems having s*x, psychologists say.
Add to this the extra burden of watching, reading or hearing posts about what a perfect body looks like, and you have a double whammy! Or so researchers say.
A research compiled by the online diary site found that more than half of Facebook and Instagram users in England admitted that reading gushing romantic or fitness-related updates by users left them feeling very insecure about their bodies.
The insecure users were so affected by these updates that they were less likely to have sex with their own partners after reading other people’s posts.
“These findings go further than previous studies, which showed that intimacy is affected because we spend more time on our smartphones than we ever did before,” says psychologist, Dr. Richard Sherry.
“The growing trend of showing off sculpted abs, for example, as well as soppy romantic statuses, is damaging viewers’ self-esteem, specifically in regard to s*x,” he warns.
The researchers warn that photo-sharing by Facebook friends or Instagram users have a much stronger and negative effects on men.
Two-thirds of respondents said reading posts like that by other people affected their own s*xual performance.
More than one-quarter of women said when they logged onto their visually-driven social media accounts before bedtime, they felt “less sexy.”
Seven percent of the women said they were definitely not in the mood for s*x after checking their Instagram or Facebook accounts.
Via The Punch
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My Married Lover Wants to Leak My N*ked Photos - Lady Cries Out Over Blackmail, Releases Shocking Chats

A Lady whose n*ked photo is about to hit the internet and on all social media platforms, has cried out for help as her married lover is threatening to blackmail her if she refuse his demands.
File photo
Popular Lagos-based Psychologist and Relationship therapist, Joro Olumofin, has taken to his Instagram blog page and shared the story of a young lady whose unclad photos are about to be leaked on the internet.
According to the lady who is crying out for help, her former married lover who she lost contact with, bumped into her recently and is requesting her to hook him up with one of her busty friends, she refused, even turned him down for a date and blocked him.
Angered by her refusal, the married man reminded her that he is still in possession of some of her nude photos which she sent to him while they were dating.
She shared her story and her chat with the man who is threatening to blackmail her.
Read her story below;
She also released their chats where the man is attempting to blackmail her.
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You Have No Power to Summon Me - Prof. Sagay Tells Senate

Prof. Itse Sagay has declined to honour the invitation by the Senate over his questionable comments about the activities of the Red Chamber members.
Professor Itse Sagay
Chairman, Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption (PACAC), Prof. Itse Sagay on Wednesday said the Senate lacks the power or authority to summon him to appear before its committee on Ethics over alleged disparaging remarks he made against the senators.
Speaking in a chat with INDEPENDENT, Sagay said the Senators lack the power to summon him because he does not fall under the category of persons they can summon.
His words “They have neither power nor authority to summon me. I don’t come within the group of persons or officials they can summon. I will advise them to ask their lawyers to look very, very closely at the provisions of Sections 82 to 89 of the Constitution”.
Sagay’s invitation is seen as further escalation of the current face-off between the Senate and Presidency which blew open on Tuesday with the Senate’s suspension of the consideration and confirmation of 27 Resident Electoral Commissioners (RECs) submitted by President Muhammadu Buhari.
The presidential aide is expected to appear before the Senate Committee on Ethics, Privileges and Public Petitions to explain why he allegedly described senators as “childish and irresponsible” for pushing President Buhari to sack the Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Ibrahim Magu, within two weeks.
The PACAC chairman is also expected to explain why he allegedly said the Senate is “filled with people of questionable character who put personal interest ahead of the nation.”
The lawmakers said it is necessary to invite the professor of jurisprudence to name the questionable characters in the Senate.
The resolution followed a motion of privilege by Senate Deputy Leader, Senator Bala Ibn Na’Allah (Kebbi South), who told the Senate that Sagay infringed on his integrity, character and privilege as a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
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Dino Melaye's Ex Classmates Visit Him at the National Assembly (Photos)

Some ex students of the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria in Kaduna State today stormed the National Assembly to pledge support to the embattled lawmaker, Dino Melaye.
The gathering of the ex, ABU students
Former student union leaders and classmates paid a courtesy visit to senator Dino Melaye at the National Assembly in solidarity with him over certificate allegations.
It was alleged that the senator representing Kogi State, did not graduate from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria - a report which was refuted by the school's Vice-Chancellor, Ibrahim Garba.
See more photos:
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Top Ghanaian Actor, John Dumelo Accused of 'Stealing' Government Car Begs... See Details

More revelations have implicated Ghanaian top actor John Dumelo accused of stealing a government car worth millions.
Actor, John Dumelo
The truth has now been revealed about the allegation brought against popular actor, John Dumelo, as he has admitted to the crime.
In a new report by DAILY GUIDE, Dumelo was caught red-handed attempting to make alterations to the mode and colour of a brand new Toyota V8 Land Cruiser said to belong to the state, apparently to keep it for his personal use.
DAILY GUIDE reported that in the process of trying to change the colour of the vehicle, one of the police officers who led the Eagle Eye SWAT Team and some National Security operatives to retrieve the vehicle from the spraying shop where John Dumelo had sent the V8 vehicle, revealed that the actor actually attempted to influence them with cash so that they would allow him to keep the vehicle.
“John Dumelo told me the car belongs to the state but I should mention our offer so he sorts me and the team out, because we are all young men just like him. I said ‘no way’ because we are not government auctioneers and that we are not ready for such an arrangement to mention an offer and let him keep a state car,” Abubro Kosua, Deputy Commander for Eagle Eye SWAT Team who actually led the operation to retrieve the vehicle, narrated on Okay Fm yesterday morning.
According to the radio station, several attempts to contact Mr. Dumelo failed. The actor told DAILY GUIDE when it broke the story, “I will not comment on that incident.”
Since DAILY GUIDE broke the story last Friday that the National Security operatives and agents from Eagle Eye SWAT Team had retrieved a V8 Toyota Land Cruiser from John Dumelo while he was attempting to make alterations to the vehicle, the actor has declined granting the paper interview for his part of the story.
He has, however, taken to social media to explain that he actually bought the car in question – a black-coloured Toyota V8 with registration number GE 8118–16 and chassis number JTMHVOJ2F4159829.
DAILY GUIDE reproduces below a transcript of the blow-by-blow narration Abubro Kosua gave to Kwame Nkrumah Tikese on the Okay Fm morning show on Tuesday. The interview was granted in the Twi language.
Abubro Kosua: "We retrieved the car from a spraying shop at Abelemkpe. When we got to the shop, we realised John Dumelo had asked the workers at the shop to dismantle parts of the car and he had bought some new parts so they should replace it to make the car look different. He bought those new parts from Dubai.

This is strange because the car is a new car and actually a 2016 model so why buy new parts to replace equally new parts that have absolutely no fault. The rubbers were even still on the seats. This was a new car.

When we got to the shop, we had a hectic time before we were allowed in. The sprayers said they would never allow us inside until the shop owner, their master, was around. Their attitude even made us more suspicious. But we waited for over three hours for the owner of the shop to come around. He was at Prampram but we waited until he arrived.

When he came, we used a GC-Net software to check in whose name the car was registered, who imported the car and other details. The sprayer and workers there all saw the results that the name and details that came from the check showed that the car was for National Security. This means it is a state car."
Kwame Nkrumah Tikese: "Is it true that National Security cars are fitted with certain gadgets which make them look different?"
Abubro Kosua: "True, but we realized those gadgets had been removed and disconnected from the car and he was actually changing the parts and re-spraying the car to make it look different and impossible for anyone to identify."
After the GC-NET software had indicated the car belongs to National Security, we asked the sprayer to call John Dumelo and ask him to come over. We wanted him to be there before we take any action.

When he came, we put the facts before him that our intelligence report had told us the car he was spraying belongs to the state and truly too, when we checked the ownership with the software the result showed it was a state car so why was he spraying the car without informing the state and how did he even get to use a state car in the first place?

He said the car was given to him by the former first lady, Lordina Mahama. So we told him that should not be a problem at all because all we would do is to ask the former first lady if she indeed gave him such a car and what the arrangements were.

Then John Dumelo changed the story and said he actually bought the car from a company at the Spintex Road by name Sivani and that he had done part payment and was yet to cover the rest of the amount. We requested that he showed us any receipt or documentation as evidence of what he was saying or any paper whatsoever to prove that he bought the car.

Then he asked that he would speak to me in private so he took me aside and asked me that I should mention my offer so he sorts me and the team out because the car actually belongs to the state."
Kwame Nkrumah Tikese: You mean John Dumelo was attempting to offer you money so you let him take the car?

Abubro Kosua: "Yes, that is so. John Dumelo told me the car belongs to the state but I should mention our offer so he sorts me and the team out because we are all young men just like him. I said ‘no way’ because we are not government auctioneers and that we are not ready for such an arrangement to mention an offer and let him keep a state car

At that point, I told him that our information shows he actually has two of such state cars in his custody – a black one and an ash one – so he should let us know where the second one was even before we decide whether to negotiate with him or not.

John Dumelo’s response was that the ash V8 was with his girlfriend who had travelled outside the country and that he has no idea where she left the keys.

I asked him to send us to where the girlfriend had parked the ash coloured V8 so we could even tow the car, but he said he himself was travelling to the UK and that when he returns, he would send us to where the other car was.

We asked the sprayer to fix back all the parts that had been dismantled from the car and that we were taking it away. He fixed some and left some. We took the parts that had not been fixed back, took the car keys and asked the sprayer and John Dumelo himself to follow us so they would know where exactly we were sending the car.

We did not want a situation where Dumelo would get up one day and say he had no idea where we took the car and that the car was his and tell a different story. He said he would not follow us but we should go with the sprayer rather. So on that note, we left with the car from the spraying shop.

We drove straight to the Sivani Company on the Spintex Road – the company John Dumelo claimed he bought the car from. When we got there, we went to the manager and explained the situation to him and the fact that John Dumelo claimed he bought the car for them and had not finished paying.

The manager said John Dumelo had never bought any car from Sivani. On hearing this from the manager, I called John Dumelo on phone and told him I was with the managers of Sivani and that they had denied ever selling any car to him. So he should let us know which person from Sivani sold the car to him so we follow up from there.

I also told him he had the option of coming over to sort it out with his Sivani people or speak on phone, but he cut the line and truncated the call. I called again and he truncated the line again. This means he had failed the test and could not answer the questions."
Kwame Nkrumah Tikese: "If you claim John Dumelo attempted to bribe you, why did you not cause his arrest?"
Abubro Kosua: "You are right in saying his attempt to bribe us should have been enough reason for us to cause his arrest. Our focus was on retrieving the car from him and getting him to lead us to retrieve the other car. I am not a small boy to take bribes from John Dumelo and let him steal a state car.

That was our focus. We were interested in getting him speak the truth so we get back the cars; so our focus was not on using police force or doing something else."
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Peace Corps Commandant, Dickson Akoh Granted Bail After 90-count Charges

A Federal High Court sitting on Wednesday in Abuja, has granted the bail application filed by the detained National Commandant of Peace Corps of Nigeria, Dr. Dickson Akoh.
Dickson Akoh
We broke the news earlier that the Buhari-led Federal Government has on Wednesday, arraigned the National Commandant of the Peace Corps of Nigeria, Dickson Akoh before an Abuja Federal High Court.
Latest reports revealed that the detained National Commandant, Amb. (Dr.) Dickson Akoh, has been granted the bail after his application was filed at the Federal High Court, sitting in Abuja.
Akoh had, through his Counsel, Chief Kanu Agabi (SAN), filed a bail application, backed by 18-paragraph affidavit, on Monday, 20th March, 2017, urging that he be released from the Police cell.
Having been detained for 11 days, he was arraigned on Wednesday, with a 90-count charge, bordering on extortion of money, operating an outlaw organisation and wearing of Peace Corps uniform.
While leading a debate on the motion in support of the bail application, Barr. John Ochogwu of Kanu Agabi Chambers, urged the court, to grant Akoh bail on self recognition, adding that, the defendant had earlier been granted an administrative bail by the Police.
The Counsel to the Police, A.K Aliyu, argued through his counter affidavit that, “the 1st defendant would likely interfere with the witnesses, if granted bail.”
In his ruling, the trial Judge, J.T. Tsoho said, “since the defendants have been loaded with 90-count charge, which there is no capital offence therein, bail is in the discretion of the court.”
On the fear that the defendant would likely interfere with the witnesses, the Judge held that, “since the prosecution couldn’t advance reasons to show that, the defendant jumped the administrative granted him by the Police,” there was no reason for alarm.
The court therefore, granted Akoh bail, to the tune of N10m with a surety in the sum of N20m. He was, however, asked to deposit his travel documents to the Deputy Court Registrar (DCR) and shall have access to them upon request, through application.
The court also requested that the surety must be an owner of a landed property in Abuja, the title documents should also be deposited with the DCR of the court.
He is to be remanded until the bail conditions are met, even as the Judge warned against holding him longer than 24 hours if his bail conditions are met.
Recall that the Peace Corps boss was detained on 19th March, at the facility belonging to the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), Abuja, shortly after he turned himself in, having been told that the Police was looking for him.
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Breaking News: IRS Seals Off Federal University of Agric, Makurdi Over N2.3bn Debt

The Federal University of Agriculture in Makurdi has been sealed off by the Benue State Internal Revenue Service.
A Punch report has shown that the Benue State Internal Revenue Service has sealed off the Federal University of Agriculture , Makurdi, over non remittance of Personal Income Tax running into N2.3bn.
The Chairman of the Board, Mrs. Mimi Adzape-Orubibi, led the enforcement agents to the university located at north bank area of the state, where they sealed off the offices of the vice-chancellor, registrar and the bursar.
The institution’s chapter of the Academic Staff Union of Universities has described the move as a fraudulent attempt to commence another round of illegal deductions from the salaries of its members, a situation ASUU said might instigate crisis in the university.
Mrs. Adzape-Orubibi while speaking shortly after the exercise, said the BIRS had to make the move after the university failed to respond to several letters written to it to pay up the outstanding Personal Income Tax from 2007 to 2011.
”The BIRS got an interim order to restrain FUAM because it failed to deduct PAYE tax in some cases or deducted less in other cases. The institution would now have to pay almost N3bn, inclusive of penalties and interest,” she stated.
According to her, Benue State Government is very passionate about education, stressing that the decision to picket the institution became necessary owing to its continued evasion of tax.
But in a swift reaction, acting Chairman of ASUU, Mr. Bemgba Anjembe, insisted that PAYE was deducted monthly from staff salary and alleged that there is suspected connivance between BIRS and the university authority not to remit taxes already deducted from staff, thus denying them access to tax clearance certificate.
Anjembe said: “On August 27, 2014, BIRS wrote a letter to the VC in which it informed that the university was owing BIRS tax liability due to the failure to deduct PAYE tax to the tune of over N2bn.

“That was their claim, but we don’t agree with that figure. How did BIRS arrive at that value? The university is not a business outfit but a social service. This is fraud.”
The students of the university however besieged the BIRS office located on Gboko Road, Makurdi, to protest the closure of their institution and called for dialogue between the BIRS and the university authority.
When contacted, the university’s management which spoke through its Public Relations Officer, Joseph Fanafa, said it was maintaining a dignified silence on the matter until the outcome of a meeting with BIRS scheduled for Friday.
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I Paid Her Parents N64,000 Bride Price - Man Who Defiled 13-year-old Girl Confesses in Lagos

A Lagos-based man who sells clothes and was paraded by the Lagos State Police Command on Wednesday, has confessed how he defiled a 13-year-old girl, saying that he intended marrying the victim.
Photo used for illustrative purposes 
A 42-year-old suspect paraded by the police for allegedly defiling a 13-year-old girl said he intended marrying the victim and had made a partial payment of N64, 000 as bride price.
The suspect (name withheld), who sells clothes and resides at Ilaje in Ajangbadi area of Lagos, was paraded by the Lagos State Police Command on Wednesday.
The suspect said he had been dating the victim for eight months after she told him that she was 18-years-old.
He said, “She told me she was 18-years-old and we have been dating for eight months. I have fulfilled some of the traditional rites required to marry her.

“I paid N20, 000 for introduction and gave her father N64, 000 out of the N100, 000 demanded for other traditional rites. The parent know that I have been taking care of the girl.

“I was surprised when I received a call yesterday that the police were looking for me after the girl’s school authorities said she was too young to get married.

“I have met elders in her family three times. Her mother’s clothes, which she gave me to mend, because she wants to travel are still in my shop. I just feel sad that I am being treated this way after all that I have done for the family,” he said.
A police source, however, said that the victim’s parents, who said their daughter was only a primary six pupil, denied knowing the suspect.
The source said that the victim had gone to sell plantain to the suspect when she was defiled and given N500.
The suspect could not, however, provide the address of ‘supposed’ his in-law (the victim’s parents) when asked to do so.
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Abomination! Man Drugs & R*pes Facebook Lover in Lagos Hotel Only to Discover that She is His Niece (Photos)

A randy roadside seller has committed an abominable act after he drugged and r*ped a girl he met on Facebook only to realize that she is his niece.
Abuchi Chukwukere Stanley has been arrested and charged to court over the crime
A 25-year old man, Abuchi Chukwukere Stanley has landed in serious trouble after he was arrested and charged before a Lagos court for allegedly abducting, drugging and r*ping a physically challenged 17-year old teenager in Lagos who later turned out to be his niece.
According to PM News, Stanley was stunned to realize after the sexual encounter that the victim is his aunt’s daughter from Umuezeleke family in Azia town in Ihiala local government in Anambra State.
It was gathered that the victim left her parents’ house in Aguda, Surulere, Lagos and was taken to a hotel in Ikorodu where she was drugged with apple, r*ped and then abandoned by the suspect despite her condition.
It was while she was wandering in Ikorodu the next day that a Samaritan met her and contacted her mom. The girl was handed over to her mom at Ketu police station.
Stanley it was gathered had met the victim on Facebook and they started love chatting since last year. He then invited her out and they arranged to meet at Oshodi area of Lagos.
When the victim arrived at Oshodi, she contacted the suspect who reportedly took her to the hotel in Ikorodu. The matter was reported to the police at Aguda division who trailed the suspect through his Facebook page and got him arrested at Second Gate in Agidingbi area of Ikeja where he sells second hand vehicles and spare parts.
The suspect was charged before Surulere Magistrate and Family court on Tuesday with the alleged offence and he pleaded not guilty. It was at the court that the suspect’s father recognised the girl’s mom as one of his relatives.
The court, however granted Stanley bail in the sum of N100,000 with two sureties and one of the sureties must own a land property in Lagos.
The court also ordered the prosecutor, Inspector Benson to duplicate his file and send to the Director of Public Prosecution, DPP for advice.
The matter was adjourned till 7 April 2017.
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